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Strongman Training In L.A.?

Anybody in Los Angeles training events?
I did a strongman show a few years ago when I was living in New York and am interested in starting up again. Even if you’ve just got some farmers walk stuff, maybe some stones, etc. in your garage I’d be interested in joining your group. Also, are there gyms with strongman stuff? Thanks.

got to the North american strongman site…look up your state chairman…call him, he will know of groups in your arear if there are any…hope that helps

Thanks, Gags. I did that already and he was helpful but the group he recommended was a little far for regular training (I live in Santa Monica). L.A. is such a great place for bodybuilding and M.M.A I’m hopeful to find a good place to train strongman closer to home.

well that sucks…i dont know if you have the space or money but pitbull stronman equipment makes affordable and high quality stuff(logs, yokes, farmers, axels, sleds) and tires are usually free…good luck

I’ve got space and getting equipment is a thought. I’d just prefer if there was a group with equipment. I’d be happy to pay to help with the costs.