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Strongman Training for Rugby

I have to say I’m pretty excited, I just hosted my first strongman workout for myself and my rugby team.

I’ve taken the responsibility of training the kids on my team and I thought I’d kick the training off with an interesting workout.

It consisted of:

A dynamic warm up followed by

A) keg cleans: 3 sets of 5

B) Tire Flip: 3 sets of 5 flips

C) Backward anchor chain drags: 2 drags 40 yards

D) Sledgehammer swings: 2 one minute rounds

we finished off with a few sprints and a 20 yard lunge with the keg overhead.

I have to say I’m really pleased with the results. Next time I’m going to bring my camera and post some pictures.

Any advice/comments are welcome.

Should do a lot for them.

How many tires you got? I’ve had the thought that tire flip races in teams would be great conditioning and get some friendly competition going.

We have 4, they are all different sizes though.

What I might have them do is, do every exercise in a circuit form and time them. We could compete like that.