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Strongman Training for Fat Loss

How can i youse this unique training method to burn fat and get in shape?
Also can you give me an example for an strongman circuit?


Really you cannot (or should not) do ‘‘strongman’’ training to lose fat. The goal of strongman training is to increase strength as much as possible and this cannot be achieved when trying to lose fat.

You CAN use odd-object exercises for that purpose though, and while the ‘‘events’’ will be similar (or the same) as strongman training, the loads are much lower and the training is not aimed at lifting more and more weight, but in doing more work in a short period of time.

For that purpose you can use single events but for a fairly long duration (tire flip AMRAP in 2 minutes, farmer’s walk max distance in 2 minutes, yoke walk (use a barbell on the shoulders) max distance in 2 minutes, log clean and press AMRAP with 70% bodyweight, wheelbarrow walk as much distance as possible in 2 minutes, tire striking AMRAP for 2 minutes per side, etc).

Or you can use medleys (circuts of several exercises lasting 4-5 minutes per set).

The workouts should be kept short, roughly 25-30 minutes while doing as much work as possible in that time period.