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Strongman Training for a Not so Strongman

Ok. So I’ve fallen off the wagon on logging training. Here’s my attempt at coming back to logging everything.

Short term goals- Static Monsters and OSG qualifier

Just finished Smolov Jr progression on OHP while waiting for a groin pull to heal. Took my barbell OHP to 315 (15 lb PR for 3 weeks of training… I’ll take that). For static monsters, I’d like to total 1000. Haven’t tested log in a bit, but 16” axle deadlift is solid at 650. So solid… I jumped to 695 and missed.

Currently on TRT dosed at 220 mg/week. Will be adding a bit of “others” here and there. Looking at a couple weeks sdrol shortly here.

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7/10 Log Press Measures

Goal is a 300+ log press in October. Wanted to see where I was today. Decided I would just do a strict press an base my training off a strict press 3RM to get my starting strength up.

Warmups sucked. Started stacking weight on.

Tapped on strict but not ready to be done yet. Safeties we’re set too high to get a full dip, but I could get a little pop so it’s all good.
280x1 (50/50 whether I would’ve got a down call, but we’ll start here).

Back off sets

7/12 Log Partial Rom Night
Would’ve been deadlifts, but I got a time lined up later in the week to have a good guy take a look at my deadlifts. Just wanted to hit some partial ROM from a couple inches below where I normally catch the initial push.

270x0 (even had put on belt to try)

Loaded to 300 to do some overhead squats while this close.
Did 1 and it was ugly enough and irritated my knee enough to stop there. Knees haven’t been worth a fuck lately.

190 6x6

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Very strong. 300 will go up for sure by then. Doing any benching for accessories?

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I want to hit some later this week depending on where I’m training. I want to set up an incline in the rack and log press incline off the safeties, but there only one place I train where I can do that. If nothing else, I’ll be hitting close grip inclines.

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7/13 Mini workout with the man child

He loves to do pull-ups with band assistance, so I set up the rack so I could get some in too. 5x5 band assisted on gymnast rings with blue and grey bands. Still weak at the bottom, but the top end is coming through.

And… the moment is here! Got my new supplements in. Can’t wait to train in the morning. Gonna be 18” deadlift day. Wanted to train them today, but it just wasn’t in the cards for me.

7/14 Deadlift Night

16” Bartos Fubar no suit

Warpig night

Realized I had moved the safeties yesterday so I was pulling from the wrong height. Fixed the safeties.
525x3 added belt for this set and up
605x1 10lb PR (at least 10- I think I might have pulled 595 with my suit on and just straps down)
615x1 20lb PR (felt like I may have had another 10, but I’ll take the W tonight)
485x1 (cooked)
435 3x3

And I’m done.


7/15 Pressing Accessory Day
Incline Close grip bench
225 4x4

Seated military
135 4x8

Single arm DBs
90 2x5 per side

Tricep extensions- cable tower with straight bar

Then I got a text to fill out paperwork to put in an offer on a home and needed to get that rolling. Priorities.
Warpig day. Lol

7/16 Coached deadlift day
Got to see a friend I hadn’t seen in forever who happens to be a super bad ass strongman and have him check my deadlift out.

The bad news- I worked up to a 495 single and managed to pull my groin again. Fuck.

7/21 Pressing Day

Swiss bar out of rack- right shoulder did not come to play today at all

135 5x5

Decided to hit board presses to give my shoulders a break. 3 board close grip

225 5x10

Tricep cable pushdowns


Biceps hammer curls


1 week into cycle and I’m a bit frustrated. Been busy with trying to buy a house and time has been short. Groin feels like shit and deadlifts from the floor are definitely out of the question for now. Will see how 18” feels tomorrow.

7/22 Deadlift day

18” axle deadlift- belt and straps, no suit

Work up to a 585 single. No issues with groin from this height.

Back off to 405 and hit 5x5 to get some volume

Back extensions with green resistance band

Also did some swimming to loosen up the shoulders.

Did an accessory day last Friday I forgot to log. Lat work and GHDs.

7/27 Pressing Work

Seated barbell
Work up to a triple of 225
Back off set 175x8

Incline close grip bench
245x4 (attempted 5 both sets)

Single arm dumbell press (CDB reps on a standard db)
100x5 (both arms on both)

Lateral raises

JM presses
185x 3x5

Triceps cable push downs:
3x20 (chasing pump)

DB hammer curl

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7/28 Deadlift night
Still focusing on 18” axle pulls
Work up to a 625 single (belt and straps-no suit)
4x3 485
10x5 GHD

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