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Strongman Training - Footwear

I know you get a lot of questions about footwear for weightlifting. What about for strongman training? I will be doing some strongman training outside tomorrow morning.

Majoring in the minors here, but what would you suggest?

The seach function brought up many posts about using Chuck Taylor’s.

I’m not sure about the shoes used for even training. But I’ll ask my friend, Canada’s strongman champ and will get back to you shortly.

Much appreciated Coach. Thank you for your time!

Rock climbing shoes for the truck pull

Asic or New Balance multi-sport for most events

Flat soles for deadlift events

He also owns olympic lifting shoes, but they are rarely worn in competition

I commented that he has more shoes than my wife!

Awesome! Thank you very much.

I’m starting to gain quite the collection of training shoes too, HA, from wrestling shoes to football cleats, Oly shoes to Chuck T’s - I even own a pair of running shoes gasp (can’t really remember the last time I laced them up though)