Strongman Training - Brisbane

Evening T-Nation,

I would like to guage if theres any interest in strongman training for those of you who reside in Brisbane, Australia ?

I realise that I’m preaching to a domestic and international crowd here. But it never hurt to get your message out, as many of you may know people who would enjoy something like this.

I have bands, chains, tyre sleds, weighted sleds, farmers walk handles, sandbags, ropes, prowlers and will be getting a tractor tire as things develop.

If your interested, fire me a message and I’ll give you more details.

Have a safe christmas and a happy new year everyone !


Hi Peter

I compete and train in Brisbane. I am not sure from your post, are you looking for a training partner, or are you selling your services as a trainer?

Where are you located - I am Northside (Brendale).