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Strongman Tire


Where can I get one of these things? Looking to start doing some of this stuff and curious about the way to get the equipment.


Just call any tire shop and tell them you're looking for a "junk" tractor tire. If they don't have it, they'll be able to direct you to a place that does. Best part: these tires are FREE baby? don't let anyone try to charge you for it.


thanks for the help, I will get on that ASAP. Any ideas or places to go for other things: atlas stones, super yoke, farmers walk, lifting log. I found a website that sells some of the stuff, but any other places to buy this stuff (or the get schematics) would be highly useful.


Schematics on the log ain't real complicated. Just take a look at one. For stones, you have two options really - use rocks you find lying around that are sort of round, or learn how to make your own and rent molds. That'd be least expensive, though you can buy them too. If you're near Mass, contact Murph at Total Performance Sports for molds or stones, he'll take good care of you.

The yoke and farmer's walk aren't real standardized. For a design for farmer's walk handles, check out this article:


I made a pair for about 30 bucks (a friend had a drill that worked), but you might want to pay a little more and get real sturdy pipe.

Not sure about the yoke, I don't know what thickness steel you'd need and all that.