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Strongman Tire Weights


Hey guys,

I just have a very basic question: Is there a database that I can look up tire weights? I'm sort of new to strongman and I haven't gone to many competitions. I recently went to pick up some strongman equipment at a tractor store's junkyard, and one of the tires was "800/65R32".

That was the biggest tire they had and I guessed it weighed about 600lbs. I've flipped 500lb tires for distance, and attempted to flip an 800lb tire without much success. This one seemed inbetween those 2 weights but I wanted to double check because I have no idea how Strongman competitors get the known weights for their junk tires.

Or if you guys don't know of a database, any idea how much a tire that is 5'5" tall, fairly thick (maybe 2feet thick), with a rim radius of 32 inches might weigh? This would of course be only the tire without the rim. I'm sure it's over 500lbs, just not sure by how much.




You may want to also try posting this question on marunde-muscle.com/forum.



It's far from a complete database, but you should be able to find something to compare your tire with.


Thanks. Based on the table and only trying to find a size comparison to 800/65R32, the closest I found was a bridgestone 750/65R25..... and that weights 1010lbs. I doubt my tire flipping strength has increased that much in the past 3 months since I flipped the 500lber and attempted the 800lber. I bet the other stats besides the "size" such as the type, ply, and industry spec make a huge difference on the weight. I'll have to figure that out.


Yep. it's not just size. ag tires are not as heavy as tires used on commercial contructon equipment. I have a pretty small (skinny) tire off some piece of contruction equipment that is a pain in the ass to flip. Heavy as shit and being skinny does't allow you to get your chest on it or lean into it at all. It's also a really hard rubber and starting to come apart. A softer ag tire probably won't crack up as much due to exposure.


Your tire weighs 805 new, so depending on how worn it is, you're looking at something less than that.



Looks like 854 lbs. in the U.S.

http://www.firestoneag.com/FireStonePriceBook.pdf (page 9)


Thanks for the replies guys. Thanks to you especially, Wilhelm, for finding the exact weight. The treads and tire itself don't look much more worn at all compared to the picture of the new tire on the website. I'd say it's around 750-800 judging from the info you just gave me. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.