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Strongman/ Strength Training in MD


Anybody training strongman or functional strength in Maryland? I'm looking for group or trying to start up a group for all aspects of strength: oly, pwrliftng, stones, core work, ect.

post here or email me. thanks


this is typically what we do at the dc/nova t-cell. we havnt got together for a lil while, but that should change soon. we usually meet over in arlington right near the pentagon.


Sounds interesting, can you supply more info such as location, day & time, and what sorts of equipment you guys have?



We have a sled, a small tirew/ sledgehammer, a couple kegs, a couple kbells, various barbells and weights, and some other random stuff. we usually meet in towers park which is off of scott st i believe. as for day and time we havnt met p in a while and dont have anything scheduled just yet, hopefully we can change that.


3 years ago I did a search, and if Im not mistaken there was a strongman club or something at Univ MD, might want to do some searches.


PM me your email and I will add you to the official DC T-Cell list.

We generally meet on Saturdays, although that might be changed depending upon everyone's schedule. Location is as Gags said, typically in Arlington, VA. Yet again, this is not a set location, and we can rove around a bit.

Where in MD are you located?

Gags - If you would like to grab the sled for now, you are welcome to have it. Provided you promise to bring it to the T-Cell meetings. I am pretty much restricted from using it until after my next surgery, so it is just sitting on my floor at the moment.


Daven- would love to grab it from you, i promise to give it back. if not ill give it to devil dog to bring back, since i see him quite often now.
UMD did have a strongman club, dont know if they still do, def worth checking out.


Hey Guys. I wouldn't mind getting in on the powerlifting scene here as well. I go to the same gym as Devil Dog and he mentioned you all yesterday. I work in Georgetown so I would love to stop by sometime.



U of MD crew was quite large a few years ago. Can't remember the name of the kid who ran it, but if you contact Graham Bartholomew (runs MD shows for NAS) he should be able to help you. His # is listed on Nastrongman. If you take the extra step, he also runs a pretty good show. A little on the cardio oriented side for my taste, but quick, painful and efficient.