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Strongman Spandex


Does anyone know where to get those blue spandex shorts you always see strongman wearing in competition. The only thing that I could find close to what I think they are, are Power Pants by INZER. Someone please help me out. Also those blue neoprene knee braces too if you guys know where to buy them. I am doing my first strongman competition coming up on August 23rd and I am trying to get all the gear I need to compete.


Also I forgot about the back braces you see strongman wearing under their lifting belts and where to get those.





Here you go

North bay Pain & Glory?

I'll be there.


Do you actually NEED these items to compete?


Yeah I am going to be competing at the North Bay Pain and Glory event in Petaluma. Its going to be my first ever comp and I have no idea what to expect.



You can compete in jeans and a flannel shirt if you feel like it.


thats like asking if u need gear to compete in powerlifting, not really but ppl prefer it


It will be heavy and a lot of fun.


How did nobody get the fact I was being sarcastic?


you're just a misunderstood soul. your comedic skills are ahead of their time


Because the sarcasm curve drops steeply crossing over to this side of the pond. I maintain it's because the culture of of England, Ireland, Scotland is more centered around guys bullshitting over pints in a pub. Whereas the culture of America is more centered around ascetic Protestant sects that go to chruch like it's a second job.


Wait. What? Are you being sarcastic? i cant hear you over the church bells


What's sarcasm?


hahahaha, i had to stifle my snickering so nobody else in the office thinks im choking