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Strongman Routines?


Has anyone done any strongman-specific routines that have seen some success in the form of bigger lifts?

Just thinking of switching it up.


elitefts.com put some up recently


I've been powerlifting for 18 years but am moving into some strongman now and plan to do a strongman meet next year. I keep it real simple. Squats and deadlifts are done Monday. Benching and assistance is done wednesday. Friday is strongman event training.

My plan is pretty much based on the one here http://www.joshua-davis.com/index.php?refer=3x5
Except I prefer to do sq/dl on the same day.

Which is a good basic routine if your just getting into it and offers a lot of recovery time.

Also as I move into my next strongman meet I plan to substitute a lot more overhead work on wednesday instead of bench.


Everything you do has got to enhance your events in some way. Your going to need equipment to train with from the events if your even marginally serious about being a strongman. A log, a pair of farmers walk handles, a tire and an atlas stone or 2 to begin with, perhaps a sandbag, I would even throw a thick bar in there as well.

Training in the gym are simply the tools you need to perform. We are not powerlifters or olympic lifters, nor are we bodybuilders, but we can pull from all 3 disciplines. We are also far more athletic in nature than those 3 disciplines, so I would include plyometrics, some cardio vascular work and your going to need to strengthen the grip.

You can set something up like this

Day 3
Squats (sets of 3-5, then perhaps a drop set of 10)
Goodmornings (sets of 5)
Leg press (as many reps as possible for 75 seconds with a certain weight, this will build conditioning)
Abdominal work
Pinch grip work
10-20minutes on inclinated threadmill

Day 2
Log clean and press (2 sets of 5)
Close grip bench press (sets of 3-5)
Skullchrushers (sets of 8-12)
rear and side delt work

Day 3
Agility Drills or Plyometrics
Brisk walk

Day 4
Deadlifts (Sets of 1-5, possible drop set)
Atlas Stones (Heavy singles or sets of 5)
Barbell Rows (sets of 5-10)
Weighted Timed hangs from revolving bar (3-4 sets of 45 seconds)
Hammer curls
10-20min on inclinated threadmill

Day 5
Rest and stretch

Day 6
Events work
This can be farmers walk, Super Yoke, Sandbag or hussafell stone carries, keg loading, dragging, power stairs etc... It is taylored to the contest

Day 7
Optional events work