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Strongman Resolutions 2019


First ever comp was Michigan’s strongest man back in August, I took last in every event.

Resolution for 2019: Git Gud

235 log would be cool, was thinking 225 but just hit 215 out of no where last week with no ammonia or sleeves so gotta set the bar higher.

Also would like a 500lb deadlift. Was stuck at 365 since around Aug 2017 but recently figured some things out and got up to 445. Maybe a bit ambitious to see another huge jump.

Main goal comp wise is top 5 at Michigans strongest man this year, already a lot stronger than I was back in August and need some redemption.


LOL! both are considered middleweight. That’s why I asked. They are middleweight subdivisions. But yea, if you show up to nats at 215, that will put you in the 220 class. I’ll be doing 198. The 220 class is fucking brutal, I’m not ready for that.


ahh gotcha, I shoulda figured they were subdivisions. IDK tho, considering the competition is in June I could be in the 198lbs. I have some chub on me and have been planning on leaning out some this year, just dont know if its enough chub to get me that low haha


you don’t have to be walking around at 198. Just get down to about 208 and do a small water cut. That would be easy enough.

Buuuuut that being said, it really doesn’t matter much, outside of the potential to place marginally higher. The prescribed weights are the same for 198 and 220. For me it matters, because a top 10 placing is in range at 198, and it isn’t at 220. And that matters to me, lol.

  1. Keep my knee healthy.
  2. Get down below 180# so I can compete LW next time I compete, expect to accomplish this by June 1 with the @t-ransformation2019 challenge.
  3. 500# deadlift.
  4. Consistent 200# log clean and press.
  5. Compete in at least 1 meet this year.