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Strongman Resolutions 2019


I’ll be in the LW novice class. There’s an updated weight board on the FB group, I’ll grab the photo and edit this post with it.


thanks. looks like they made the log and deadlift lighter.

Those sandbag tosses are gonna be tough for inexperienced competitors. I doubt many LW guys will get that 40’ bag. At the world championships for LW, our heaviest bag was also 40, and half the guys couldn’t get it, if that tells you anything. We had a 14’ bar instead of 12, but still.

Also, nationals has a yoke, not conans wheel, right?

EDIT: and also, theres a carry and drag medley instead of farmers carry. So 2 events are different. Also, the deadlift at nationals is a 2.5" thick bar, not standard.


Just looking at those numbers and have a few questions if someone wouldn’t mind.

Are the event weights the same across all men’s light weight categories?

So if I was to do a small cut and come in at 165 class the deadlift event would be 395lb for max reps in a time? Or is that a start weight? If so what kind of reps/weight would be competitive?

Is farmers weight is per hand?


Thanks for the heads up about the tosses. I guess if I were to run into problems with an event, I’d much rather struggle with a bag toss than possibly be crushed by a runaway truck haha.


good questions.

farmers weight is always listed per hand.

generally, all lw competitors will be lumped together, and use the same weights. Same goes for mw and hw. So my next show, I’m coming in as a 198, and I’ll be lifting the same as the 220 guys. I’ve actually never been to a local show where the 165 class actually made. Generally, there aren’t enough competitors available for that class for it not to be combined up.

Those weights are all the same. so it’s that log weight for max reps, and that deadlift weight for max reps. Generally, if the contest has you doing ascending weights, they’ll list all the weights. I assume both events are 1 minute.

It’s hard to say what would be ‘competitive.’ But I have enough familiarity with the LW category to guess at that at least. I’ll go with the ‘open class’ rather than novice. Novice is a bit of a crapshoot, you never know what to expect.

The LW log at 200 lbs: Let’s say 10 competitors. I would guess that 1 or 2 guys could go 10+, assuming it’s clean and press away. If you have to clean every rep, 10 might win. There may be 1 or 2 guys who get zero, maybe not. Most of the class would likely end up in the 2-7 rep range, I would think.

495 wagon wheel deadlift: depends on pick height. Let’s say for the sake of this convo it’s around a 14" height. That’s a pretty common height. 495 is a decently heavy number. I think the results should be pretty similar to what you’d see with the log, maybe a little lower. 9 or 10 could win, and you’d almost certainly have a couple guys get 0 reps. I’ve been to a few contests where the weakest LW guy couldn’t deadlift more than around 420 off the ground.


Nice one thanks very much.

I’ve seen lw numbers for comps posted a few times and always feel like I could be competitive. I guess I’ve not really factor in the implements and how that would make them harder for that particular weight.


I was unaware, but the deadlift is gonna be on a 2.5" axle for this comp. the guy running it stated it in a later video.


2019 Strongman Goals

  1. Win First Local Comp
  2. 250lb Log Press
  3. 650lb Deadlift
  4. Place above @flipcollar at USS Nationals

  1. Compete at first competition in April in the u90kg division and not zero an event

  2. Do another comp a couple of months after, Qualify for states. Won’t compete at states Unless i get some giant strength boost, but it would be nice to qualify.

3.Improve static strength


Glad I saw this. Not being active on Facebook can be a kick in the nuts sometimes haha.


I think that if you’re reasonably good with moving events, you could do fine in a comp. You’d just need to get familiarity with the implements. Some people learn faster than others. You can’t expect your log clean and press to be anywhere close to your barbell clean and press the first time you touch it. Carries are weird if you’re not used to them. Stones definitely take some practice. The only thing, at least for me, that had very direct translation to strongman from ‘regular’ gym stuff was the deadlift. Being good at deadlifting a barbell before I got into strongman is the primary reason I was even remotely competitive when I started.

run fast with the yoke and you’ve got a shot. I’m going to crush the sandbag toss, I won’t suck at log or deadlift, and I THINK the medley should be a decent event for me as well. Front carries and drags are my better moving events.


Would you say there’s much, if any, carryover to using a football bar in training for a log? I know the girth of the log is a huge factor to consider, but at least the motion with the clean and rack position are somewhat similar.


You’re a braver man than me if you try cleaning a football bar haha. I like my front teeth.

I think it’s an okay variation for pressing. I know people like the hand position (hands facing each other and out in front) but I think the low elbow position takes away enough specificity that there isn’t much more carry over than other presses.

If it works for you or it’s easier on the shoulders or you just want to spice things up then definitely.

Other people do swear by them.


Kalle Beck calls the swiss bar press “deficit log press” in his training. Sums it up pretty good.


The clean isn’t so bad, but the press is pretty sketchy with the leg drive haha.

Good enough for me!

Also, sorry for completely derailing your thread @flipcollar.


no they aren’t.

The press might have some carry over, but even that wouldn’t have much. Hand position would be the only similarity. But the transfer of energy from the body to a log is much different than whatever you’d be able to do with a football bar.

The clean with a log is a roll. You can’t roll a football bar up. You’d have to clean a football bar mostly how you’d clean a barbell. A log stays in contact with your upper torso the whole way up.

this makes sense for the press. So, you wouldn’t be able to practice the push press or jerk very well, but for strict press purposes, this is an option.


With a football bar I’ve been throwing my elbows up, so the bar is resting vertically in the front rack. I’ve managed to get in some leg drive presses with it.


I will suck at log, so you got me there.

Ill letcha know how I do on this one haha, Im gonna see if the owner of the gym I go too has anything I can throw so I can at least work on timing.


I don’t know your gym situation, or your financial situation, but if it’s possible for you to just buy a throwing bag and keep it at the gym (or in your car or something), there’s a ton of value in that. Getting practice with the actual implement you’ll be using in comp is huge. Sandbag timing is different from keg. The way it spins in the air, the way you let go of the handle, etc are different.

are you going to be 198 or 220 for nats?


Financially its not possible right now cause of the holidays and whatnot, but I do go to a strongman gym with pretty much everything as far as I know, I just havent asked about throwing bags. The guy who owns it is really cool tho, he would actually probably buy some for the gym if I asked especially if its for nats.

Whatever Middleweight is haha, Ill probably weigh in around 215lbs