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Strongman Resolutions 2019


Hey fellow strongmen!

I wanted to see what goals some of you guys have for this year. I’ve been putting a list together for myself. These are goals that I believe are realistic, but will take a fair bit of effort to achieve.

  1. Compete at nationals in both USS and NAS as a middleweight. Last year, I did very well as a lightweight, taking 4th at the USS world championship, and winning a couple events. Following that, my initial decision was to continue to work towards winning a world championship as a LW, but I’ve since decided that if I want to reach the longterm goal of a MW national championship, I should go ahead and make that jump now, and start gaining bodyweight. I’m 35 years old, so I know I don’t have that many years left to make a run at something like that.

  2. Place top 15 in either or both national events. This will be tough. I do like the USS events for Nats this year, hopefully NAS will have favorable events as well. Making it to the Arnold would be huge. So that’s something I’ll be pushing for if the events don’t suck for me.

  3. 300 lbs log press. I can’t be competitive as a 198/200 guy if I don’t get to this.

  4. 300 lbs axle press. same reason.

  5. 650 deadlift. Really, I should be setting my sights on 700, I just don’t think that’s particularly realistic for this year.

  6. Get fast. Moving events are the worst for me. But I’ve started working with a coach, and he’s doing a lot of good things in this area for me. I’ll be able to test the work we’ve done so far in 3 weeks with a hussafel carry for max distance. Front carries are better for me than yoke, farmers and frame though. It’s going to take some serious effort to get those events up to par. The goal at USS nationals will be somewhere in the middle of the pack on yoke. Right now, I’d likely come in dead last.

  7. Stay healthy. I dealt with too many injuries last year, as a result of too many shows back to back, and training like an idiot. My coach will be helping with this quite a bit. I’m only planning to do 2 local shows to qualify for nationals, assuming I place in both. The first one is the 26th of January, the next is in April.

  8. 400 lbs atlas stone. This won’t be a high priority for me, but based on what I’ve done to this point, I think it’s possible. If NAS nationals has heavy stones, this will jump up on my to-do list.


Solid goals @flipcollar. Mine are a little less lofty in the big picture, but fit the criteria for me:

2019 Goal: Qualify for nationals. I don’t plan on going should I qualify, though being competitive in nats is a long-term goal (I hope one day they bridge local and nats with some regional comps, but I digress).

This goal entails a subset of goals:

  1. Get my deadlift to 550 (est max or actual 1rm, depending on the comp. whatever bar). Based on my last show, my pull is just north of 500 (estimated via reps). This will force me to hammer legs and back in training.

  2. 245 floor to overhead (est or actual). For this I really need to bring up my strict press. On a good day, my leg drive overhead is 50lbs higher than strict, and I’m without a paddle under fatigue. Likewise, this will put make me hit upper body with tenacity.

  3. Get up to 190lbs walking-around weight. I’m just shy of 180lbs right now. I’m at a plateau, and I see pushing the weight as the path forward. Plus if I ever want to be truly competitive, I need to be walking around in the 190s.

  4. Reach & Maintain 10+ grenade pull-ups for multiple sets. I can probably do about 7-10 right now/set, but as pushing my bodyweight is a priority, I don’t want to hold myself back. Not only will this keep me athletic, but assist with grip development. And make me feel awesome.

I think these goals are challenging, yet realistic for this year.

BTW I met/competed with some folks from your Metroflex at the BOTB comp. Gave & Jerod. Great guys.


That’s awesome! I’ve competed against both of them as well. Jared actually worked for me for awhile. I think Gabe is eyeing moving up to middleweight with me (he’s pretty tall for LW), but Jared will be LW for awhile.

Your goals are really good. If you can get your deadlift and OHP to those numbers, you’ll be middle-ish of the pack nationally as a LW. From my estimation, I would say the top 5-6 deadlifters were over 600, and the rest of the pack was essentially in the 500-600 range. 245 log or axle is probably a little better than middle of the pack, very few guys are putting 255+ overhead.

Pushing your bodyweight up to 190+ will be huge. I would suggest getting there as quickly as possible, and start adapting to just being that heavy, and then work on filling that weight out with more muscle. That’s basically what I’m trying to do at 210. Just get there and stay there, basically recomping once I reach that point.

If you do qualify for either NAS or USS and you happen to really like the set of events, you should consider going, it’s a great experience, and it will be useful to have your first trip out of the way once you feel like you’ll really be competitive.


Ha, small world @Flipcollar. I’m sure I’ll bump into you one of these days. I was considering going to the Ronnie, but it’s like an 8-hour drive for me. Both of them came in hot at the competition, it was really fun testing my mettle against them. I think Gabe’s a tad taller than me actually, and I’m 6 feet. I should probably consider MW at some point in time, but for now I just want to get up to a weight that’s competitive in LW.

Thanks for the tips man. I really like that strategy & have begun incorporating it since your post (I don’t like replying via mobile when I have a lot to say; too many typos and it’s pretty cumbersome). I boosted my daily calories to around 4,000 with 1g/bodyweight or above in terms of protein. I’m doing IF with my wife, so once the clock begins it’s been a non-stop gluttony fest.

The events would have to look really good haha, but I’m not opposed to it. Certainly, I hope to get the opportunity at some point in time. Right now, I’m banking on Houston’s strongest man coming around again this year.


dude, I am SO excited for the Ronnie. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a comp that sets up that well for my strengths. Max log, max deadlift, stone series and bag toss are 4 of my best events. Even as a MW, I’ll have a shot at winning all 4. And I like that the farmer’s carry is supposed to be super heavy. I have a lot of work to do on farmer carries, but 4/5 good events should be enough for me.

I’ll take a look at that one when the events get announced. Is it USS or NAS?


Man & it’s right in your backyard to boot. Have you ever done a bag/keg toss in competition? It’s pretty exciting for both the competitors and spectators.

Houston is NAS. I’ve never actually done a USS show but hear good things.


I did. I won the event at USS world’s, lol. I was the only competitor with a 100% clean run. The bags were 25, 30, 35 and 40, all over a 14’ bar. Didn’t miss a throw.

I’ve also done a keg toss for height in a MW show, tied for 1st in that one. I had plenty of power to win it out right, but I couldn’t get my direction right, kept hitting the bar.


Ha fair enough, that’s about as competitive of an arena as it gets. Nice going. My performance was not of the same caliber (first show). But man was it fun.

I kept having to inch closer to the bar.


Slightly off topic, but I did a for-fun keg toss at an Octoberfest thing back in… September haha. It was a distance toss and I was planning on going over the head but the folks running it put the kibosh on that before I had a chance to try. Someone in line ahead asked if that’d be cool and for safety reasons with the crowd they kept it to the side sling.

I didn’t win, had sprained my ankle playing basketball earlier in the day and probably shouldn’t have participated at all, but at least came within a few feet of the winning toss by some goliath.

I’ll come back to this thread next month after my first Strongman show and participate on topic.


I spent a lot of time making videos and using marks on the ground to determine where i needed to stand leading up to the show. Actually didn’t do any practice throwing over a bar. Just threw as hard as I could every time. and then on contest day, i took a lot of practice throws to make sure everything was on point and to get in the groove. Then, I made a mark on the floor with chalk out in front of the bar to make sure I stood in the same place for every throw.

I did all of my throwing with a 33 lbs bag, because that’s as much rubber as I could fit into the bag I bought, lol. But that was a good weight, it was as heavy as the first 3 bags at least.


Do a meet - probably in the summer or fall.


@mr.v3lv3t That sounds like a ton of fun. Reminds me of Highland games, where you wear a kilt, drink scotch and throw things.

That may have been a good time to ask for forgiveness instead of permission.

First show can be a bit of a crash course, but you’ll have a blast. If it’s a well-run show, you’ll have very little rest time between events.

@flipcollar good strategy, adding some precision to an inherent violent series of movements. I had to stand nearly directly under the bar for it to go. Practiced with some natural stones, which flew a bit different than the kegs did.


It was a great time, the beer helped a ton with the ankle pain haha.

Crash course sounds about right, I haven’t been in a competitive environment in ages and it’s a new sport to me. Luckily for me @theonecamko is going to be at this event too so hopefully it’ll work out that I can bug him for some tips day of.

No delusions of winning my class going in, but if I could get through the show without zeroing any events that’d be a solid starting point for me.


Yessir, please do, I’ll be more than happy to help you out the day off. Except with the sandbag toss, I’m just gonna be winging that one haha.


What show are you guys doing? @theonecamko @mr.v3lv3t

That would be better than my first show. I zeroed the truck deadlift. That was a crazy event. In training I’d gotten like 525 or 535, I was competing as a 175. So low 500’s should have been plenty strong for a reasonable truck deadlift. It was not. They actually didn’t modify the truck deadlift for any weight class, and the strongest heavyweight only got like 13 reps.


A simple trifecta:

  1. Get strong enough to not zero anything in my first contest in July.
  2. Not zero anything in July.
  3. Find a good strongman gym in whichever place I wind up moving to in August.


We’ll be at the Mass Strongman Winter Classic (https://www.mystrengthdiscovery.com/events-1/massachusetts-strongman-winter-classic)

That’s a pretty rugged decision on the show promoter haha. Did the women classes get a different vehicle at least?


they got a tire and got like a zillion reps. the truck pull was equally poor. Nobody finished it. The men pulled uphill, the women pulled downhill. The women were basically struggling to stay ahead of the truck, it was coming down the hill so fast. The best LW male got about 10 feet, lol.


just pulled up the page for that. Which weight classes are you guys doing? The numbers are interesting.


I’m competing in the open middleweight class. The events for this comp are supposed to be the same as nationals and the weights are @ 90% of the national events.