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Strongman Progression


A while back (last april) a masters level competitior at a meet, told me to get a powerlifting USA mag, and take the top 100 ranking out of it, and post it on my mirrior; so I could see how much work I need to get into the top 100. Anyways I really like powerlifting, but I love strongman.

Is there some thing like the powerlifting USA top 100 for strongman? Or maybe a list of event weights/results I can use for motovation? I work better with numbers, 250lb farmers for 100ft, things like that.
Thank you for your time


I've only been competing for a little while, but the best advice I can think of is to put up the events/weights that you'd do at the next contest and set goals for times/reps/etc. Then, after that one, set a goal for a new contest.

You could do that even if you weren't going to compete, just training as though you were.

As far as records and general good performances, there's just so many different events and variations on events I wouldn't know where to start. Maybe look at the results from a recent pro or pro/am show and work towards what the winners achieved?