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strongman program


hello hello hello

i am just curious how many of you follow a routine such as the ones described in 122strong.html and 114geek.html.since this board seems to be alot of people into the westside style of training, im wondering who is into anything different such as this.

these articles got me thinking in a different direction. cheat curls, cheat rows, ok definitly not cheat squats, chins/pulls, push press/olympic movements, famrers walk/clean holds/grip work, and alternating dumbbell work (ie alternating db bench, upright rows etc) what do you guys think of this? he had speed work in his article also.

wouldn't this sort of program be one of the most helpful in transferring strength in the weight room to 'real world strength'? and also really transferrable into athletics on the field (not taking into account sport specific routines).

if anyone does this sort of thing can you maybe post a very brief idea of your program, for example im thinking of doing:

week 1:
tuesday-> emphasis low back/legs/grip
thursday->emphasis lats/pushing/pressing
saturday -> emphasis low back/legs/grip

week 2:
tuesday->emphasis lats/pushing/pressing
thursday->emphasis low back/legs/grip
saturday->emphasis lats/pushing/pressing

(4-5 exercises per day, all in range of 3-6 reps)

repeat or rest one week and stick to sport specific training for whole week, then switch up exercises

ok sorry for bugging the shit out of you! :slight_smile:


Go to the brute strength .com site to the training or workout journal section this might help you with a strongman workout.


thanks that site/forum is pretty cool, never heard of it until now.


I actively compete in strongman comps and i follow a westside hybrid program. Basically i do a 3 day per week program based on westside and finish each session with some strongman training for "cardio". (running with several hundred pounds on your back, while certainly cardiovascular in nature is anything but typical :slightly_smiling: