Anyone pull off training these two areas for contests… My friend thinks I can do both…Bench and Log so far apart but i can see all the other stuff working together what do you guys think…

Why don’t you ask Brian Siders.

Just get strong.

You can train event specific for each depending on which you’re closer to.

Get balls to the walls strong and it won’t matter which you’re coming up on.

If you take your training and split it bench training on say Wed. and Over head pressing training on Sun. it might work. Or use some overhead pressing training as assistant work on bench days. I have done some of this. I know Brad Gillingham does some overhead pressing on his bench days. Try it out. Pick one to focus on max effort for, not both, you will burn out.

I don’t think that this would be an impossible feat, but a lot of it would depend on your training level and degree of specialization. As a beginner, gains will come from all directions, an advanced trainer might have a harder time improving at both at once.
Many of the winners of the shows I have been to have had a lifting (powerlifting or olympic) background prior to the crossover into strongman. Improving your powerlifting would help your strongman lifts much more than improving your strongman would help your powerlifting.

Just REALLY, REALLY watch you shoulders. You can destroy them doing heavy overheads and becnhing in the same week. Think your training out very carefully.

I have some time…NOV- Im only doing bench for the PL meet because i want to prioritize strongman. I currently bench around 400 (shirt) I was thinking ME Bench one day then another in the week Speed log/clean etc then alternate every week with some deloading… I dont know contest weights as the strongman has not been set…All LE work seems complimentary I’ll still dead,squats stones, tires, etc So im looking to bench 450 and get a good showing at strongman this fall…-good ideas by the way…

There was a thread around a few days ago about different ME variations to use to increase your push press/military press. If you’re able to find it you could always try alternating ME bench and ME o/h press days over 2 weeks, maybe taking the DE day off om ME o/h week to give the body a break, or even just a slight deload.

I’m in no way an authority on this, but I did notice from my own experience that doing the overhead stuff increased my bench…

Also, for a more “official” look, you might check out this month’s powerlifting mag. I was flipping through it at the local bookstore and saw that one of the female lifters featured in it had mentioned something about following an overhead style program and got a huge gain in her bench. You might want to check it out. Like I said, I was just perusing so I might have read it incorrectly, but if you actually read it, it might give you some food for thought.

Just a thought…

Squatting and deadlifting both are needed for strongman. So if you train four days/week you can have a bench/squat/deadlift/event split to your training. Do 3 to 4 events on the event day, and then hit your PL movements the other day. As you progress in each sport you’ll eventually want to specialize if you are training to be the best, but otherwise you can be decent in both with split attention.



I agree senseless i had read a Poliquin article in reference to overhead pressing and i do think the overhead work will help…I work out in a killer garage gym setup, but sometimes also in a commercial gym…I swear you never see anyone overhead pressing- its amazing.

What strongman equipment do you have access to? Where do you train in AZ?


Here’s a somewhat related article by C.J. Murphy…