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Strongman / Powerlifting gym in Calgary Alberta


EDIT: Updated tour from February 2016! The place has improved a lot.


Hey guys, don't mean to spam, I just wanted to get the word out in case anyone is looking for a good place to train in Calgary.

The video is a walk through of The Strength Edge, a new semi-private strongman/powerlifting/olympic lifting gym in Calgary Alberta (near mcknight/deerfoot/32 ave). We just got things set up, so things will be changing around a lot as we get settled in.

We are a community of strength athletes looking for decent people to join us in the pursuit of strength. You can either be experienced and good at what you do, or new and looking to learn. There are experienced and accomplished athletes who will help you get on the right track depending on your goals. We have some very impressive people here.

Membership is through an interview. Everything is cheap. Also feel free to drop in and train. Contact me or join The Strength Edge on facebook if you are interested. (my email is andrewLbolinger@gmail.com)

Main features:
-24/7 access
-Group of friendly, experienced athletes to learn from
-The money that comes in gets put back into improving the training environment.
-We host contests (Albertas strongest man this year, possibly Western Canada's strongest man next year.)
-Always expanding powerlifting/strongman equipment. Stuff like:
- Actually good bars.
- good places to deadlift/squat/bench with band pegs.
- competition powerlifting stuff (soon)
- Stones, farmers walk handles, yoke, tires, etc.
- Olympic lifting stuff if you are training for that
- A good group of people who are willing to make / buy what we need to improve the place.
- Grip training tools. Lots of chalk.
- prowlers/sleds/stuff to do truck pull with.
- whatever else seems like a good idea.
-natural light

Again if anyone is in the area looking to get into any of these sports feel free to contact me.


Looks like an awesome place to train. Not nearby for me, though.


cool looking wish i was close i would love to train there


That looks dreamy. You sure know how to make a girl want to move to Canada.


Thanks guys, it’s been a long time coming to have a decent place to train here. That being said, the weather is too shitty here so the outdoor training doesn’t last long. I would recommend not moving to Canada.


I have a dream of opening a place exactly like that in Edmonton, congrats on getting er done


Updated the walkthrough. The place has improved a ton, equipment-wise and community-wise. Always looking for more people to join us.

If you’re interested in strongman/powerlifting or olympic lifting, this is the place where the weight gets lifted.

We also recently hosted a dan green seminar, check it out.


Alright, just going through an updating this. We’ve moved to a bigger and better location. Made the place a lot better for training as it’s exclusively for strength sports now. We split off from the conditioning classes.

Enjoy the tour!