Strongman/Powerlifting at the Arnold

Big lifts going down at the Arnold with a couple of unofficial world records and American records in the USAPL and straight up beast lifts in the Animal Cage.

Dan Green 900 lbs Beltless Conventional DL
I think his highest deadlift in comp was mid 800s sumo so WTF is this shit? Is this what happens when he doesn’t cut 30-40lbs to make weight for a competition?

Cailer Woolam 930 lbs Deadlift

Julius Maddox 705 lbs Touch and Go Bench
ez bebe weight inb4 WR. Only a couple of kilos/lbs away now.

Stefi Cohen 545 lbs DL
600 lbs may be there in the near future (albeit with straps, big as bumper plates etc. etc.) Still… what a lifter she is.

Andy Huang 800 lbs DL for Reps
King of the nosebleed does not disappoint lel

Robb Phillippus 925 lbs Squat for 2

Brb with some USAPL lifts


Hafthor Bjornsson - 472kg/1041lbs deadlift at 2018 Arnold Strongman Classic
A wild strongman appears. Powerlifting thread but one does not simply not give respect to this man and his performance

Mikhail Shivlyakov - 426kg deadlift at 2018 Arnold Strongman Classic
When you want to take Andy Huang’s record for blood lost during a DL


Some IPF approved action:

Ray Williams Unofficial WR Raw Squat 485kg / 1069 lbs
Best Male Lifter at the SBD Pro American Arnold Sports Festival 2018

Russel Orhii 1st in the 83s
Inb4 IPF World Champion (given that Brett Gibbs fucked his quadricep recently)

Bryce Lewis 1st in the 105kg class

Spotters are the Real MVPs (most of the time lel)

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Need to show the ladies some love too

Jen Thompson World Record Total
No matter how many times I see it I can’t help but think that this woman’s bench is one greatest strength feats or at least in the top 20 lel

Daniella Melo American and Unofficial World Record Squat and Total
One of the most impressive lifters out there right now and likely will be the new IPF World Champion come June.

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It’s insane that there are no safeties up. If he tears a pec and 700lbs lands on his chest, it could cause serious damage. Do the spotters really think they could catch that…?

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Nothing beats real safeties but honestly this situation was relatively safe for a lot of reasons. Your average teen benching in the gym is likely to be an infinitely more dangerous situation.

It’d probably go something like this:

The pec would go in bottom half of the press and worse case the bar is lowered onto his chest and cushioned by his power belly. Likelier would be the bar would stall out mid press and get picked up by the spotters near instantly. Each of the spotters is able to deadlift in excess of 700 and the main spotter can rep 800 not to mention just in the cage there’s plenty of stronger dudes.

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Wheres the love for JP Price? Also Squatted 925 for a double

Wow the spotters handled that really well, even if it was ‘only’ 560lbs. You could see he basically had no weight pushing up after he fucked his pec and the spotters took all the weight. I’ll just shut my mouth and enjoy the videos than :grin:

Het put up a poor performance tho…
idk brett gibbs tear wasnt to bad according to his recent instagram posts.
We might see a good fight between him and russel if brett heals up fast

Rob Hall vs Steve Johnson 600 lb Deadlift for reps

Nvm the 20k Deadlift Challenge. Pulling 600 for an hour with Rob Hall edging out Steve Johnson (hand was ripped the fuck open) to get 65 reps.

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It’s not just in the animal cage, there are plenty of feds that don’t use/require benches with safeties. People criticize the IPF (and rightly so) for shitty spotting and lack of care for lifters’ safety but at least they use benches with safeties. Look at James Strickland’s recent meet, he failed 700 but fortunately the spotters grabbed it fast enough. Fortunately Josh Bryant was the liftoff guy, he wouldn’t want to be on video letting one of his best lifters die.

I thought this was cool

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At this point I think it’s clear that Ray Williams is the best squatter overall. Does anyone know what Malanichev’s best squat is? He squatted 1069 back in 2016, not sure if he has surpassed that yet, but Ray is doing it with no knee wraps. Vlad Alhazov squatted 1100 out of a monolift with wraps and that is the biggest raw squat to date, I think Ray should put on some wraps and take the record. Blaine Sumner bombed out (at the same Arnold) with 1135 in single ply, that kind of sounds sad when you have another guy squatting 75lbs less without gear.

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Agreed on big Ray Williams being the best squatter. Unfortunately he’s pretty much spent the bulk of his career away from wraps so far so it’d be a hard transition.

According to the attempt card he put up on Instagram Alhazov is going for 505kg on his second and 535kg on his third this weekend at ProRawX. 535kg probably isnt happening but there’s a decent chance of 505kg

Last few vids from SuperTraining. Better production quality then the other vids lel

I’m guessing you have never squatted in wraps before. There is obviously some adjustment to your technique involved but it’s not that difficult, the hardest part seems to be learning to hit depth and it immediately adds pound to your squat. I’m training for my first meet in wraps at the end of April.

Alhazov squatted 532.5 the other day in training.

high af lel

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