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Strongman On the Cheap

so i need something new for the school year, so im goin to do a 5x5 program. upper body monday and thurs, lower tues and fri.

i want to incorperate strongman stuff on wed and fri. so i want to do tire flips, sandbag carries, sledgehammer hits, drags… blah blah blah…

so question, im in high school and have little money. where to get cheap strongman stuff? thanks…

Sledghammers even brand new are not expensive.

Sandbags, there are directions online how to make leak proof ones for cheap. PM me for the link if you cant find it.

Tires, find a tire store that sells the big tires and ask them if they have any you can take. Apparently they get them all the time and if they cant re-tread them they are thrown away so you can get them for free.

Oh and you might be able to get damaged kegs for free as well…or steal one from a party it can be done.

He’s right, sandbags are easy. I have bags of playground sand wrapped in trashbags then wrapped up tight in duck tape. It’s pretty durable so far and if it leaks I just wrap more tape on. It couldn’t have cost me more than $5-10 for a couple sizes of them, and that was with prebagged sand.

Also you can push your car or pull it with a rope. Can’t be too hard to find a big rock laying around somewhere either.

Ditto on what the other guys have said.

You can also find a couple railroad ties and have handles welded to them if you know anyone who could do it inexpensively.

Girlfriend carries are usually fun too. Just don’t get too carried away with increasing the resistance…