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Strongman on America's Got Talent


Please vote for strongman john at http://www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/vote/. Some awesome exposure for the sport of strongman! You can vote up to ten times so if you have a few minutes please vote.


Here is his last performance: http://www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/video/week-8-the-strong-man/1239891/


I am so glad I quit watching this much tv.

I am all for strongman...but the fact that they made him talk through all of it to make it more interesting for the sedentary crowd makes my stomach turn. This reality tv bullshit needs to die.


This isn't reality TV.


It's not reality TV.....its more of a game show/ talent show


Hey a million bucks is a million bucks, id do it wearing a banana hammock if it meant I won.


I have to agree with you. TV the last couple of years has fucking sucked. I wouldn't have it if I didn't have kids. What I do watch is cartoons with my boy that is it.


In other news, Piers can eat a dick.


Disclaimer: I don't watch that show!
But I happened to see that performance. As far as strongmen go, he did not seem that strong. I mean, has he been on World Strongest Man? I don't think he has, I didn't recognise him. He was no Mario Pudinowski. Just Joe Shmo Strongman.


The show itself is horrible, ive only seen the clips posted over on marunde. John beatty is the owner of www.fatbastardbarbellco.com and has been in the strongman game for a while.


If you can't get Mariusz Pudzianowski right, you have no business calling this guy Joe Shmo Strongman...


I watch the show regularly. I like Vegas-type entertainment, and some of the acts are very good.

"The Strongman" is somewhat impressive but boring as hell to watch. I wouldn't pay to see him.



well "Flame on" Rick and Dustin!! Did either of you have an opinion about the show or are you just surfing the forums looking to start an argument? Do you know the guy or not?? My point is I have never heard of him, and I didn't find his performance that impressive. Did you? Then say so. Freaking spell check nazi.


Calm down Mario Pudinowski.


problem is everything he did on the first two shows Dennis Rogers does way better. Flipping the car was impressive as far as overall strength, but realizing it's a talent show, it just didn't cut it.

Maybe breaking some handcuffs, quartering a deck of cards, bending wrenches or steel scrolling. But again, stuff Dennis does and he does it better than anyone.


I admit I watch the show. The problem with the guy is not what he does, its that he lacks any showmanship. His presentation sucks.

I'm pulling for future funk.


You were just DYING to post that picture somewhere weren't you? grow the fuck up justin its a simple sppehling mustaych.....I bet you really freak out when someone mis-spells your favorite russian male figure skaters name




Those kids are awesome.

I bet they grow up and hate each other.