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Strongman Meet in MA



Anyone going?


depends who else is going

i live 2 blocks away from Everett


I'm competing.


i'll be there. music, you're a teen right? good luck at nats


oh that looks awesome.

i'll probably go watch.


I'm forced to go lol


ill go if all you T-Nationeers want to grab brazilian buffet after


Definitely down for post buffet. By the way, I'll be wearing RED knee high socks the whole time because my calves cramp up. Slap me in the back if you see me and say hi. Maybe we can even be friends on myspace.


Live you live in Malden?

Which Brazilian buffet the one in Saugus?


No, there's a Brazilian Buffet place in Everett Square, which is around the corner from the gym.


yeah i live in Malden

probably one of 9,000 Brazilian buffets in Everett since thats where the comp is.

i dont know any of their names but i think the one you're talking about is Midwest BBQ right next to Fuddruckers

theyre pretty much all the same anyway


so it's being held @ TPS? ok, i can definitely do that.

ill be wearing a shirt with a semi-nude woman on it most likely.

nvm i just checked, and google map'd it w/e it said its only a "26 minute walk" ill deal


My bad, I usually try to avoid Everett as much as possible. I still haven't paid TPS a visit


I've been kicking myself for not swinging by TPS this summah.


Why avoid Everett? People are out of their fucking minds, but that's just like everywhere else around Boston.


I went there yesterday for the first time. It's kickass.


Because murph wrangled you into helping, or what?


Pretty much, all the serious guys that go there have to help out in some shape or form haha


what did it cost ya?


$10 for a day pass, $4 for 4 bottles of water because I didn't bring enough. This was the first time I've ever drank more then a full gallon during training. Go there for a day pass. Even if it's one day, I promise you won't regret it. There is no piece of equipment I could think of that they should get and currently don't have. Except maybe a smith machine coat rack.