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Strongman Medley


Hey coach I have watching a lot of strongman stuff lately and wanting to incorporate some things. I really like the medley stuff and tried some at the end of 2 workouts this week. the first was a clean and press with overhead walk. starting at 135 and adding 10 lbs immediately after the walk going up to 225 lbs then back down.

I really liked it and I was wondering if you had any other ideas on other things I could add in. I just have access to normal dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells, and trap bars. Thanks for any help.


You could try something from this thread:


[quote]Fabadab wrote:
You could try something from this thread:

Thanks, but I had looked through that thread. I was really looking for something kinda similar to the v-taper workout. Just something like a heavy conditioning medley or complex that CT might have experience with.


Try this bad boy - smokes just about every muscle in the body.

After appropriate warm/ramp up

At a weight of around 175lbs 10%bf I’m doing the following to augment my Muay Thai/MMA training:

A1. Zercher full cycle x 5 reps (I’m using max of 135lbs)
A2. Fat rope pull (attached to sled) 50 yards - challenging load (for me 135lbs)
A3. Heavy sled backwards drag 50 yards (TRT attached to sled on other side) - handles in crook of the elbows held tight to the body (save grip) (135lbs)
A4 - Trap bar carries - heavy as you can manage - 50-100 yards (180lbs)
A5 - KB swing x 15 - 25 (I use 32kg)

3 - 5 circuits and you’ve just become a man

Your welcome ;0)