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Strongman LW Pro/AM Highlights

Video from last weekend’s Clovis Pro/AM contest in Fresno, CA.

I’m now going to look into doing an OHP article with my good friend Ryan Bakke as well as a deadlift article. I’ve been getting many questions about both lifts.

Maybe T-Nation will take an interest…

Looking strong, man.

How much were on those farmers walk handles? You were really moving.

An OHP article would be SWEET. There’s plenty of information for PL’s on how to bench, not nearly enough good info on bringing up the press.

It was great to watch, great comp right down to the end.

an OHP article would be awesome Ryan Bakke’s Overhead techinque looked dead on and QUICK, he was right up there with everyone else in the HW despite giving up some bodyweight it seemed.