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Strongman is One of the Best Decisions Ive Made

Just wanted to throw that out there after an experience I had tonight. Not even from the lifting, but the people. I’ve met so many inspiring and strong people and it has changed my life for the better. The only equally influential experience I’ve had was when I joined our UAV design team in college, and ended up leading the team after 4 years of “service”. So, thanks strongman for providing me with a good series of life changing experiences.

Jon Pall said it best.

“There is no reason to be alive if you can’t do this!”

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Hear hear. Strongman has an amazing community, very positive.

Good to have you here.

Their is no reason to be alive if you cannot deadlift!

Good eye bro! I’ve had some trouble with my deadlifting, and I must have sub-consciously used a more literal translation to save my ego.

Sounds great. Wish there were more competitions close to me (south florida). I need a strength focused competitive outlet because I’ve gotten bored of road running.

Wishing for close competitions will get you nowhere. Get on the road! The closest comp I’ve ever had was 3 hours away, but I’ve competed in different states and with 6 hour drives 1 way. It’s a great sport, well worth taking some time off, haha.

Once I gain strength I’ll do that. Where do you find competitions to go to?

The 2 big organizations are North American Strongman and United States Strongman. If you google those names, you’ll find their websites (can’t post links here). Also, Kalle Beck runs a great website called Starting Strongman, which has a competition finder. He also has a facebook group you can join (same name) that will be helpful.

Don’t wait too long to compete. There are novice divisions in most contests that are great for someone new to the sport. You will get WAY stronger competing than you will getting ready to compete.