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Strongman into Sheiko?


I love doing Sheiko. For me, it's the best program I've ever done. But I was wondering how I could implement some strongman stuff into it? I really want to work on strongman because I realized that I have small ankles, wrists, neck muscles, and forearms. I want to remedy that. Plus, when I first hit a 5-late deadlift, I tried to see if I could lift a 200-pound Atlas stone and I couldn't even move it.

If I have good strength, what use is it if my strength can't carry over to useful applications?

I'm basically just wondering how I could implement some strongman stuff into a Sheiko routine while still making gains on bench, squat, and DL?


It wouldn't be too hard. Put stone training on deadlift day, and add in some log/axle work on your bench/squat day. If you could lay out your weekly training reg, though, it'd be alot easier.


I wouldn't try to combine them per se too much. Continue to use Sheiko to develop your strength base. Mike Jenkins talked about the importance of just developing that basic strength foundation with the regular lifts.

I would add an event day to train stones, overhead, and carries. Also make sure you have the form down for the events. If you can deadlift 5 plates a 200lb stone should be a joke to you, so there may just be some form improvements you can make to conquer that.


Stones are a totally different beast. I have over 600 pound DL and for a long time had an issue with the 410lb stone. I recently got it but it took me a solid 5 months of training to get it. With the stones you want to try and cut the stone in half with your feet and go straight down making sure your arms are farther back than front, grip with your forearms against the stone and lift straight up. Once you get the stone elevated to the knees you can "roll" into your lap and re-adjust your arms for the load.