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Strongman Injury Survey

I am posting this on behalf of Paul Winwood, a kiwi Strongman. It is a genuine survey and he would be grateful if you could take part. It is from the same guy who did the survey on strongman training protocols a while ago.

That original survey was published here…

From my inbox about his new survey…
This is what I am sending out to strongman competitors on facebook.
Hello strongman competitors. My name is Paul Winwood and I have competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting, and have a passion for resistance training. I invite you to take part in an exciting research project. The survey is called ‘Injury epidemiology of strongman competitors’. This survey will form part of my PhD thesis, which is under the guidance of my supervisors; Professor John Cronin and Associate Professor Justin Keogh (National level U105kg strongman competitor). The aim of this study is to help improve our understanding of the risks and injuries associated with strongman training. The information will benefit strongman athletes and strength and conditioning coaches when prescribing strongman event training to their athletes. We would be very grateful if you could

click on the link and take the time to fill out this survey.