Strongman Info/Advice for Beginners?

Just looking to incorporate some strongman stuff into my powerlifting stuff. Just to have some extra power and to improve my functional fitness while shifting some serious weight (not a massive fan of running haha).

Any ideas for some workouts or what equipment to purchase first (i have a home gym) and any advice for technique and such would just be awesome. Thanks

Some stuff doesn’t have to be bought. I have two big tires that were free. One is a huge radial beast and I have no idea how much it weighs; all of the writing was worn off the thing long before I got it! It’s heavy tho I estimate around 400lbs. The other is smaller (estimated weight 180-200) non-radial and I tied a 100’ 1" rope to it and use for hand over hand dragging, I also hit this one with a 14lbs sledgehammer for conditioning work. I use a trap bar that I got off of Craigslist for farmers carry. My wife got me a Rogue 150lbs sandbag for Christmas and I use it for carries and just recently started doing static holds with it as a finisher. Something like 4x as long as possible. Sounds easy but it it’ll tax that ass. A friend of mine made a homemade yoke for me but I don’t use it as much as I thought I would. About every two weeks is enough for me. I really want a couple of kegs but those suckers are hard to come by! Check out Brian Alsruhe on YouTube and his logs on here as @Alpha. He has tons of free information on strongman.