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Strongman In The Midwest

The first annual Waseca County Fair Strongman Challenge is going down on July 22nd. At present, all entry fees will be divided amongst the top 3 finishers in each division. All athletes will recieve a nice goody bag and the obligatory meet t-shirt.

In my opinion, the events are balanced enough that a novice would have a good time, and a more experienced athlete would have a very competitive time.

There’s been quite a bit of media coverage regarding this meet so we should get a nice crowd turnout.

As for the events (tenatively):
Keg press medley
lw: 165-250
hw: 185-275
Harness pull
~23000lb tractor
Tire flip
800lb/50’ each division
Farmer’s walk, chain drag
lw: 250/560
hw: 275/700
Stones - 48"
lw: 225-360
hw: 250-400

For more information:
or pm me.

City, State?

Waseca, Minnesota
There is a hotel lined up, all the information is on the entry form.