Strongman in St Louis

FYI - Eagle Gym in St. Louis, Missouri , is hosting a Platinum level North American Strongman contest with Rolling Thunder Deadlift meet tomorrow, December 6. Experienced promoters Willie Wessels and Rick King are sure to put on a fine event! Info call 314-423-2525 or 314-393-3771 or see

Hope to see you there!

Good luck to Pat “Crankin” Rankin. I’m sure he’ll be holding it down for the drug-free strongmen. He always emcee’s the Missouri USAPL meets and he does a truly incredible job of keeping the crowd and lifters hyped up throughout the entire day. Go get 'em, Pat!

Peyton - Pat tied the gym record for overhead press, but then had a guy named Van whoop his ass and beat the record by 30 lbs.

It was my first meet that I’ve been to. Fun as hell.

Awesome. Wish I could have been there!