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Strongman in Progress



My Goal is to start at my first strongman competition in a view years. At the moment I am still learning how to deadlift and squat properly. I want to take part in a Workshop, when I saved some money. As a newbie I would be glad about every advice.

I am training basic lifts like benchpress, overheadpress, deadlift and squat at 3 days a week in 5x5 Style at home. I think 4 times a week would be better, but I dont have enough time.
My homegym has two dumbbell, one barbell, a pullupbar, a roman chair , two rings, two dipbars and one 35lbs kettlebell. I will buy a tyre and a sandbag or keg next month, because I want to start with strongman conditioning.

Yesterday I did some pressing and pulling:

5x5 benchpress with 50lbs dumbbell
As superset with
5 sets of dumbells bentover rows (AMRAP)

5x5 barbell overheadpress with 90lbs
As superset with 5 sets of pullups (AMRAP)

5 Sets of elevated ring-pushups (AMRAP)
As superset with 5 sets of inverted rows.

And 3 Supersets of planks and 45 degree hyperextension.

Tomorrow will be the next trainingsession with some deadlifts and frontsquats.

Edit: I would love to post some Videos in the future, if someone could take a look at my technique. I try to film every squat and deadlift with my Smartphone to check my form after every set, but normally I delete those videos after watching.


Ummmm…okay…you realize this is the training log forum, correct?


Yes, thank you. I will edit my first comment. I had not very much time when I wrote it.


Being great at deadlifting and overhead pressing will get your foot through the door. The squat amd bench are great movements but you will rarely squat and probably never bench in competition.

From there farmer walks, stones and yoke. These things or variants will make up most of the events in most contests.

Have a look at 531 for strongman for a great way to train strongmam (the one published this year, not the one from 4 years ago but that is also great)


I’ll also add, get good overhead with a jerk or split jerk. This makes a huge difference. I have to battle is out with pricks who bench and press waaaaay less that I do but they know how to transfer leg drive into the axle/log/whatever and I have no clue.


I will definetly focus on deadlift and overheadpress variations, but I wanted to train some other pressing movements as assistence movements like frontsquat, too.
When I should take part in a workshop I will look out for one that teaches how to clean and jerk. Great idea.

I will take a Look into 5/3/1, thank you for your advice!


Did some deadlifts today
5x5 at 110lbs to focus on technique.
Same weight with squats, but AMRAP.
5x5 ohp with 90 lbs
5x5 incline DB bench with 45lbs DB
5 sets of DB rows (40lbs) and pullups
3 sets of Facepulls, GHR, Hyperextensions and some ab exercises