Strongman Implements to Start Out

I’ve got some money right now and I want to get into strongman. What implements should I buy to start out my training arsenal?

I know you might want to look into getting some-thing you can progressively load for the farmer’s walk. How long it takes to max out on regular DBs or even mid-sized bars you can find is pretty quick. I see a lot of people stagnate on their farmers walk, not because they can’t progressively train, but because the gyms they go to or their personal gyms don’t have the farmers walk equipment. (myself included).

So look into good farmers walk logs or something. It’s a killer on the grip.

Also a less common strong-man tool, (esp these days) is a sledge hammer. Just swinging away might not help (probably won’t) but levering the thing by the wrist, (building up to that) builds insane strength in the wrists. - YouTube

It also depend on what kind of strongman you want to be, do you want to raise a 300pound log over your head? bend steal with your bare hands? different strongmen specialize at different feats of strength and this requires different equipment.

Even getting a lot of newspaper, folding it up until it’s a thick as a deck of cards and attempting to rip through it with your pinch-grip strength can be good training for some strong-men. So, it depends on what your goals are.

Get a tire, big in the 5-600# range , good for flips, beating (with sledge) and if you get 2 3’ peices of pipe, you can practice car DL and farmers walk standing inside the tire you hook the pipes in and lift. I have a 600 pound tire that I load with additional 200 pounds to practice the 18"car DL, works great. Vary the pipe sizes for grip work. Also made my own log for about 50 bucks, this takes some work but can be done nicely on the cheap.