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Strongman: How Long is Your Rope?


Im looking to buy some rope to do some pulling exercises, need to know what length you use to train with? I assume im looking at 100ft to pull the weight over the event distance?


100 ft couldbe too much.
what events exactly are you thinking of? 50ft should be plenty i’d think.


Tyre-drags, car pulls etc… im pretty sure theyre 30m/100ft in comps.
I could do 50ft, run the length of the rope & pull the 2nd 50ft


100 ft would be good for truck pulls, you might want shorter lengths for other stuff. For the truck pull its usually 2" + diameter, which is very expensive.


Yeah, i can see it almost doubles in price between 24mm & 32mm!


60ft will be the distance you’ll see most commonly, that or 50ft. 100ft makes my heart hurt just to think about…


I’ve yet to use a 2" rope for truck pull, usually 1.5" manilla.

I would say that the shorter length would be fine. Maybe 60’. Even if you had to do more runs with a shorter distance to train, I doubt that you would suffer from it. Besides, from a technical aspect, all of the hand work on a rope can be accomplished getting used to the start and over 50’ of pulling. If you want to work your legs, drop the rope and bear crawl. You can go as far as you want then.


Once your buying good rope in bulk you really are better to get a bunch and section it. What i mean is when i went looking for rope all the best deals came in 200’ coils. When i bought the predetermined coil from one guy it was cheaper than buying only 110’ feet from the original bulk buyer i talked to. Be sure to look around hard and see what you can get.

In other news: 1.5 smooth manilla is a fine rope to train with IMO.



All my rope pulls have been 80ft to 100ft with 2" rope. If you are training for a contest I would get a 100ft rope. If you are just messing around 50 would be fine.


Mine is 150’, 1.5 manila. I ordered it that long so when you are doing an 80-100 foot pull you have room for the competitor, the length of the attachment between the competitor and the vehicle being pulled and distance between the finish line and your anchor vehicle.