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Strongman Gyms in NY

Does anyone know of a strongman gym in/around long island?  I just got my liscense and wouldnt mind driving up to around 45 minutes to go to a gym with strongman equipment.  My current gym has 4 bench presses, 4 ez curl bars, 2 preacher curl machines, and one squat rack.  Theres the type of gym I'm in now.

Now I realize there are very few, if any who live around here. If I cant find a gym with equipment, what could I do to turn my garage/street into my own gym?

So far I could buy two tricep bars for farmers walk. Theres a local cement crusher where I could pick up a block of cement almost like an africa stone. And go to a local beer distributor and buy a keg.

Any other suggestions?


New York is a big fucking state. Where exactly are you looking?


I think he is looking "in and around Long Island."


yeah, Im in Rockville Centre Long island. I would go as far as somewhere around queens or brooklym west, or wantagh or somewhere around there east.


Hahahahaha......That really cracked me up.


I'm in East Meadow. I've heard some people talk about "Iron Island Gym", but I don't have any details.

You know...there may be enough of us to have an officially-unoffical T-Nation Long Island satellite cell. Is anyone else on the island?


I googled stongman gym and New York and came up with the following:


Also Iron Island is apparently a hardcore gym. You might want to give them a call.



Iron Island is oft mentioned in PL circles.



That link says they offer "power yoga" and "belly dancing" classes.


Iron Island is more a powerlifting gym than a strongman gym but they do have some tires in the back. Leistner, who used to own it, sold it a while back and now runs a strongman specific studio I would call it called S.T.E.E.L in Stony brook.

If any long island guys wanna get together for some sort of weekly training get in touch with me. I have a log bar, an adjustable stone and farmers walk and I may know someone with a yolk and viking press and squat.

Even though the weather here normally isnt suitable for outdoor training, the owners of deer park golds are working on a sports specific gym in central islip, and I work for them , so I will try to get them to allow for this type of training there. The place will also have a track and there comes in our sled work and sprints.



Fellow Long Islander here, hailing from Manhasset, NY. We have quite a cell here.


Theres a gym in queens called GridIron Inc that has alot of strongman equipment. They have a yoke, stones, farmer walks, tires,several chains etc. Dr. Leistner actually trains the owner of gridiron and if i remember correctly he was part owners in the gym Steel. However, they do alot of HIT training there but they also incorporate alot of different training methods depending on your goal. Heres their website:


I am also from Long Island. Bethpage in fact.


Go to the North American Strongman Society page and look up the chairman for NY. I met him at the Show of Strength. Real nice guy. He trains with up to 30 people and always welcomes newbies. Let me know how it goes.


When Elite Fitness had a search engine for powerlifting gyms, Iron Island came up as having all the westside staples (bands, chains, reverse hypers, GHR) so I wouldn't be surprised if they had strongman stuff as well.

This is probably the STEEL place that AMIRisSQUAT mentioned but I don?t remember the name so it may be different. There is a small relatively hidden gym in stony brook; it had a tire, dragging chains, a steel log, thick bars, things for farmer?s walks. I think the clientele is mostly high school football player not to many strongman, but it is only $30 a month. I only took a look around the place for a few minutes, I saw a guy flipping a tractor tire across a parking lot (kind of hard to miss) while driving in the area and had to see what was up.

As far as the Long Island T-Cell, I live in Hicksville myself (along with a couple of other T-men I know) and stay out at Stony Brook when school is in session.


Yeah, Ken Leistner who used to own Iron Island runs a training centre out of his garage now.

You can see pictures of this from Roger LaPointe's equipment site, Atomic Athletic.


So, I just thought I'd mention that I'll be in Eisenhower Park, Field 5 (right by the miniature golf) on Sunday the 24th, with my farmer's handles, barbell, kettlebell, dragging sled-tire thingy, and 75-pound heavy bag (great for odd-object lifts). I'm just saying, in case anyone goes to play mini golf...that'll be me there...with all the stuff...in case anyone wants to join in.


LOL....dude I read the post so fast I didnt even see the long island part! Sorry, good luck.


I'm from East Islip - living in Medford now.

Never done any of the strongman-type lifts, but I'm very interested...if any of you are getting together in the area please let me know - I'd love to meet up with you and learn!


Sayville here. South shore, Suffolk county.