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Strongman Gyms in Atlanta?


What kind of strongman friendly gyms are there in Atlanta? The kind of place that has stones, big tires, etc.


There are a couple of training groups in/around Atlanta but I do not know of any gyms that actually have implements.


Any link to where we can find them? I am over near Savannah so I'm about 1.5hrs away and interested too.

I have even contemplated opening my own facility


I'm in the Atlanta area and can't say I've found any gyms with stones. There are a few out there that have tires/bumper weights. Generally you can get tractor tires from trucker tire company's. They usually are trying to get rid of them and often get rid of them for free.


The gym I train at has six atlas stones with platforms, two big tires, a log, kegs, farmer's walk implements, a sled, a prowler, a yoke, and fat bars. It's a powerlifting gym mainly so we've also got a monolift, platforms, and bands and chains too. It's in Gainesville, which is northeast of Atlanta about 45 mins. The name is Iron Beast Barbell Club. Another guy who trains there has posted about it recently too with some vids.


Scott Helms lives 25-30 mins west of atlanta close to douglas ville. He is the GA North American Strongman Assocation Chairman. He has it all Stones, Platforms, Sleds, Tires, Conans Wheel, Axles, Hussafel Stone, Farmers, Frames, and every songle thing you can think of.

They only do events on saturaday start at 11 am and he invites anyone AS LONG AS THEY ARE SERIOUS LIFTERS for free. Nice to throw in some tacky and chalk to help out but no regular fees. PM if you interested. You can find his number and email on NAStrongmaninc.com


Scott Helms and his training group would be a great place to train, although it is not a 'gym'.

I believe that Orlando Green also has a gym and may have some implements if you are looking for a more flexible training schedule.


Yeah orlando has one some where around 45 mins south of gwinnet county not sure exactly where and dont have a number or no off a way to contact to him. Both are awesome but, honestly I believe a decent gym and traning the basic gym lifts and then hitting scotts or orlandos personally scotts crew is the bomb and the best atmosphere love those guys.


I agree, your gym work can be done anywhere and in most cases people have to travel to train events. When I was living in Florida I would drive 2 hours each way to train events on the weekend.

Orlando is on Facebook so that is one way to get in touch with him.