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Strongman Gym in Perth?


Im moving to perth next month, so i decided to look for a strongman type gym, but only find muscle pit, and it is veeery faaar, so if u guys can help me with some info i would be very grateful.


Muscle pit is the only strong man gym I am aware of in Perth. Home of the one and only; Daniel Macri!

Where will you be living. Perth is a small place, unless your living on one of the "satllite cities".



in fourth avenue with applecross


Applecross is pretty central. You should be able to commute to muscle pit. Why you coming to Perth?



to study english


Cool bro. Where are you coming from?
Why did you choose Perth?



from chile, cause i have family over there.

i recently heard from a strongman who shares his place for train.


If you decide to drop some weight and play some futbol, then let me know.

In the meantime, have fun and keep lifting heavy ass weight!!!!



here we play a lot of soccer.

if someone has strongman equippment in perth, and would like a training partner, plz contact me