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Strongman Gym In Calgary, Alberta

Hello gents,

Here is a virtual tour of the new facility we’ve moved in with. If you’re ever in the area come by for a lift!

Wow. That gym is awesome. I think it’s time to put in for a transfer at work.

Can’t wait to start training there. Great place.

Moving back to Calgary in April. Havent been there in 13 years. I already havea job lined up at Edgemont World Health but I dare say I’ll be finding this gym to do my REAL workouts in.

Since then it’s become better in some ways and worse in others. There’s now a couple monolifts and a competition bench. The only problem is it can be full of kids who are getting sports team group training. Also sometimes stuff/little girls get in the way of our runway if you’re in at the wrong time. The good thing is there is generally enough space even if it’s a zoo in there to still train. It being a zoo means its not closing down as well.

I just got a membership to the edgemont WH as well. You a PT there?