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Strongman GPP

I’m looking at incorporating some Strongman type movements as GPP. I am aware of some(keg throws, tire flips, farmers walks) but am looking for others.

If anyone has movement suggestions, or can point me at an article detailing this sort of thing, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks guys.

Sled dragging and tire are among the best. Walking with heavy sand bags/duffle bag

Pushing a heavy wheelbarrow is great, as is pulling a car.
Go to deepsquatter.com’s archives for some great stuff on strongman training.

The selection is quite broad and you can tailor it to suit your needs. Wheelbarrow / Farmers walks and wood chopping have always been high on my list but one of the best options is to wear a fully loaded Xvest for 6-8 hours a day. That will have a huge impact upon your training. Good luck.

In faith,

Coach Davies

in pictures i think it is RIT Jared has two different posts. One is GPP for Sissies and the other is More GPP for sissies. ALso Keg and tires, and other sled pulling picture threads.

There’s actually quite a bit about GPP on this web site. There was recently a good article about GPP as well on the main board. Check em out.

Thanks alot, all great suggestions.

I’m especially liking the X-vest idea(I’ve worn wrist and ankle weights all day before, but have never tried a weighted vest), though, I’m not sure I can afford an x-vest right now. Has anyone had any experiance with other brands that might be decent but I could find a little cheaper(ex: Some people are selling TKO vests for about 50-100 dollars cheaper on ebay)?

Also, are there any movements other then part of the tire flip, that would hit my triceps? I plan on mixing a couple different movements or methods to get a total body experiance and the triceps seem like they might be left out a little.

When I do get things going, I’ll be sure to get some pictures to share. Thanks again.