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Strongman Fatloss: 3 Month Journey to 8.4% Bodyfat


I know I've been annoying anyone who has been reading my blog, but I gotta share this.

I competed up a weight class (I'm a 200lber, competed as a 231) in May of this year, and as a result I let my diet get really sloppy. I posted a day of my life in the "What exactly did you eat yesterday" thread in the beginners forum, and it was full of pop tarts, peanut butter cups, corn chips, etc. I looked in the mirror at one point and realized I wasn't happy being fat, and decided to clean up my diet a bit. That in turn ended up becoming a 3 month journey, starting earnestly around mid June.

I started out at 202lbs, and as of this morning weighed in at 190lbs. Not rapid fat loss by any means, but my goal was to hold on to as much muscle as possible and still be able to progress in my strongman training (which worked out well, as I won a contest in San Diego last month while still losing fat). I got my bodyfat measured this morning at 8.4%, which apparently also puts me at a fat free mass index of 25.9.

I included a copy of the BodPod report I got this morning, and will attach some beauty shots I took last Friday to show what I'm walking around at, along with some older images of about where I was before.

This has been a learning process for sure. I'm still not the smartest person nutritionally, but I've been eating mostly meat and veggies and still staying away from most cardio (strongman medley's not withstanding), but it's been a fun process.

And I know for some folks 8.4% might not be a big deal, but let this fatboy at heart have his moment, haha.

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T3hPwnisher's Log

I don’t know how to include multiple images, so here are the links to the photos in my training log. There is no magical lighting in my house (everything is soft fluorescent), so I get to take photos at my worst, haha.

And this was a random photo taken before the fat loss that I posted in my blog, right around the time that I was starting on the “getting fat” part of the May contest. It’s half of my torso and shirted, but you can at least see the bloat I was bringing.

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Will it be meat and veggies, and 8.4% for life?

Or will you add back pop tarts and live around 10-11%?


[quote]FlatsFarmer wrote:
Will it be meat and veggies, and 8.4% for life?

Or will you add back pop tarts and live around 10-11%?[/quote]

It’s funny: I did this same thing back in 2012 when I cut weight for a powerlifting meet. Ended up around the same weight and I’d imagine the same bodyfat %, and then the minute the meet was over, I went on a junkfood binge for about 2 solid years. I told myself it would just be for the week after the meet, then the month, then I said I’d spend 6 months “bulking”, and it just got out of control. I really missed all those foods, and the diet was killing me.

This time around, I’m not feeling it. I think it may be because it wasn’t for a contest, it was just for me. I turn 30 in Oct, and I wanted to enter that decade in better shape than I did my 20s, and now that I’m here, I really don’t miss the junk food. I have my one cheat meal a week (on Saturday, before I deadlift), and it hits the craving hard, and then after that, I’m good.

That said, I’ve had to actually decrease my meat intake to get to this level, and I imagine that’s because I eat a lot of fatty meats, and THAT is something that I miss. So I may end up bumping the bodyfat % a little in that regard.

I have a contest on 10 Oct, and I’m planning on increasing my protein a little bit while I push the training, but after that I think I’m going to see if I can shave off just a little more fat. I think the 1 month spike might be positive.


The early part of football season is a great time for fatty meats.


[quote]FlatsFarmer wrote:
The early part of football season is a great time for fatty meats.


There is never a bad time, haha. However, I am fairly certain that, as soon as it’s available, my cheat meal is just going to be a container of Pumpkin ice cream from Trader Joes. That stuff is way too good.


Looking good! Ever considered stepping on stage in a thong?


[quote]dt79 wrote:
Looking good! Ever considered stepping on stage in a thong?[/quote]

Thanks man!

Bodybuilding/physique stuff just doesn’t resonate with me. It seems like a long climb for a short slide. I think that all the stuff that leads up to it is intense (the dieting, training, fine detail stuff, etc), but I can’t get my brain around doing all that, going up on stage, and being told how you did. For me, the peak of all the training is when I get to go compete for a few hours one day and lift heavy crap in front of a crowd directly against others, and it just seems more “climactic”.

Part of me thinks that when I get too old/beat up, I might look towards doing a show, just for something new to do, but for now, it’s not on the menu.

And of course, full respect to those that compete in any endeavor. It takes a special kind of crazy to get that lean.


Great work!

Would you mind detailing your typical days diet and discuss your nutritional guidelines?

Uncle Bird.



[quote]theBird wrote:
Great work!

Would you mind detailing your typical days diet and discuss your nutritional guidelines?

Uncle Bird.


Much appreciated.

This will be pretty easy, as I eat the same thing everyday (which I suppose would be one of my nutritional guidelines).

That said, I don’t measure/weigh food or count macros, so everything is by feel

This will be an example of a training day

0450-Wake up

0455-Bowl of wild blueberries topped with raw honey and sugar free cool whip


0620-12oz skim milk w/2 scoops protein powder

0745-Zero carb Monster energy drink

0800-0900 Full gallon of water

0900-Romaine lettuce salad with grape tomatoes, cucumbers, and 6-8oz of some sort of meat (either steak, ground beef, or tri tip, sometimes pork) w/full fat ranch or cesear dressing

1200-Either another salad like above, or 6-8oz of some sort of meat with some sort of green veggie, usually paired with a diet coke

1330-Quest protein bar and a 32oz diet coke

1645-Usually 8oz of some sort of meat with some sort of green veggie (typically broccoli, occasionally cucumbers)

1830-.5 tablespoon of natural peanut butter and sugar free coolwhip

2030-5 fish oil tablets, 2 glucosamine, creatine monoyhdrate, and then bed

On non-lifting days, I don’t eat the 0455 meal. Everything else stays the same. This week, I’ve taken to eating a second quest bar around 1430, just because I’m getting hungrier than usual and it doesn’t seem to be affecting my weight.

Nutritional guidelines are pretty simple.

You can spot the carb-phobia, and it’s something I want to get better about moving forward, but I try to eat the majority of my carbs around my training time and then stick with meat and veggies through out.

I’ve learned to have more frequent meals because when I ate less frequently I found myself gorging on meat, and in turn my bodyfat just wasn’t dropping. There might be something to that whole “you can only absorb so much protein in one sitting” thing.

I try really hard to stick with quality nutritional sources. I’m not big on the whole “IIFYM” thing, as I think micronutrients, fiber, and other aspects of nutrition are pretty important. The quest bars are about the dirtiest thing I eat presently, minus of course the terrible chemicals I am putting into my body with energy drinks and diet cokes, haha.

I drink that gallon of water in under an hour because I just want to get it over with. I think hydration is important, I think water is important, and I can’t stand f-ing drinking water all day. I actually think I give myself slight water intoxication from it, as I tend to walk around my office slightly buzzed until lunch afterwards, haha.

I don’t count vegetables when thinking about carbs. As long as it’s green, I can eat it.

Oh yeah, and on Saturday’s, before my deadlift, I eat just about whatever I want. I deadlift in the afternoon that day, so everything else stays the same except for the noon meal. After a less than ideal Taco Bell experience, I try to make sure I get enough protein in the meal (usually chasing it with a protein bar), but otherwise, it’s when I get my carbs for the week.

I can go into more detail if there is anything you’d like to hear more on. For the most part, it’s just trial and error, adjusting until I see results.


god you’re hot. Well done big guy!


[quote]Yogi wrote:
god you’re hot. Well done big guy![/quote]

That’s an optical illusion I achieve by cutting my head off in the photos, haha. Much appreciated.


Thanks for the detailed response.

You do seem do be a carb-o-phobe. I suppose that works well for some. Your pre-workout meal is interesting. I cant imagine eating a bowl of blueberries with honey lol.



[quote]theBird wrote:
Thanks for the detailed response.

You do seem do be a carb-o-phobe. I suppose that works well for some. Your pre-workout meal is interesting. I cant imagine eating a bowl of blueberries with honey lol.


I do want to start figuring out how to work carbs into my diet, but it’s a learning process for sure. I still plan to work it around my lifting time, but I think it’ll be a positive.

I was originally eating pop tarts for that first meal, but it just wasn’t taking after a while and the fat wasn’t coming off, so I switched to a “natural” analog. I love wild blueberries, not the biggest fan of the normal kind, and the honey makes it go down pretty smooth. Good source of quick carbs as well, and very quick to make. I’ve contemplated doing instant oatmeal as a change of pace, but this is working so far.


omg omg is that u bro… u look amazing… i tried to see u and i found this… u actually a bodybuilder !! nice fat %


Thanks. I’m not a bodybuilder: nowhere near lean enough, proportions are all janky, bunch of weird imbalances, etc, but I like being not-fat when given the opportunity.

If you read that book that was suggested to you and stick with that diet, you can also get strong and not-fat.


Great Job! Did you notice any energy loss going with so few carbs? Congrats on the Strongman competition win too.


I appreciate that man. No real energy loss, but I’ve been pretty low carb for a while now. I was bumping it up with junk before, but still wasn’t really eating direct carb sources with any of my meals. So like, I was eating pop-tarts before training and grabbing some peanut butter cups here and there, but I haven’t eaten a potato in years, which is probably way worse, haha. Cutting out the junk in total made me feel pretty good, and maybe just getting rid of the garbage balanced out any sort of fatigue.


Awesome! You’ve inspired me to buckle down and transition into the meat and veggies thing with a once a week cheat meal.


Very cool man, I hope it works well for you.