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Strongman Fantasy Competition


Mariusz Pudzianowski
Magnus Ver Magnusson
Jon Pall Sigmarsson
Bill Kazmaier

1. Tire Deadlift
2. Log Press
3. Atlas Stones

Who do you have winning?


Kaz wins easily.




I think with Kaz there are a lot of unknowns. He log pressed before the technique was worked out so he ended up basically one motioning everything. That shows his strength, but it's hard to know what he would have done with more of a push press technique.

For stones, Kaz was retired before the stones really took their final form. He did do the 'basque' stones at WSM in the late 80's, but he didn't really do very well. However, he was a walking pile of injuries by that point, so it's hard to say how he would have done with stones in his prime.

Girls squats and money deadlifts were more popular than frame deadlifts in Kaz's day, but I don't doubt he would have absolutely rocked a car deadlift.

I would take Magnus ver Magnusson for his dominance in a more mature strongman environment. Mariusz got most of his victories during the schism when many of the best strongmen weren't in WSM. If they were options I would take Big Z or Brian Shaw over any of these competitors, given the chosen events.


2 static events and stones? Big Z easily. Sorry Kaz.


Okay for you people saying that Zydrunas wins...


He isn't even listed in the OP.

We're choosing between Pudz, Magnus Ver, Jon Pall, and Kaz.


My bad. Thought we could pick anyone.
Given those 4 I would take JPS.


I'm aware of that, I was trying to highlight the arbitrary nature of the choices.

"Who'd win, Gerrit Badenhorst, Berend Venenberg, Rene Minkwitz or Chief Ironbear?"


Well not really. The people he listed are all the guys who won WSM at least 3 times before 2009.


Ha, exactly, why on earth is 2009 the cut off? Why not just include a list of guys who have won it three times, period?


Maybe that would make it too easy? Lol!

Kaz is quoted as saying Zydrunas is the greatest strongman ever. That was a couple years back though. I would say that literally today Brian Shaw is the best around.

I am predicting a 3+ year dynasty out of Hafthor at some point though. He's got a long time to even peak, but I think once he's a little older he will be unstoppable for a good long while.


Hafthor and Shaw are the new JPS and Kaz. It will be those 2 trading blows for a long time. (I hope)