Strongman Exercises

Hey everyone, could you share some strongman exercises with me? Obviously you have the vehicle push/pull as well as other things, but I’m not too sure about all the other possibilities.

I ask because I’m looking for big finishers to end a workout or a week of workouts.

Thanks alot guys, I’m new to the forums and you all have already been such a great help!

sandbag carries, sandbag presses, farmers walks, dance dance revolution, sled dragging, sled pushing, car pushing, DB farmers walks, sandbag loading, stone lifting(you dont need stones, well you do, but not atlas stones ), keg lifting, kettlebell/stone throwing, dumbell/kettlebell swings, yoke walks, zercher barbell walks, and others.

Everything scrotus said, plus deadlifts. haha

Strongmen pretty much train to increase their deadlift/general pulling power, and their overhead press, and then they train the usual events…

The yoke, atlas stones, tire flip, deadlift hold, stone carry, and keg toss are all pretty much staples.

Then there is a bajillion variations, and the rest of their general volume of training (and eating like vikings)

[quote]Scrotus wrote:
dance dance revolution[/quote]


^^ Haha yeah I laughed at that one too.

Thanks for the long list guys!

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^^ Haha yeah I laughed at that one too.

Thanks for the long list guys![/quote]

no problem.

Don’t forget Wii Fit

You could also watch kung fu movies. I always run around doing ninja kicks and somersaults after watching a kung fu movie, that has to be good GPP.

Housafel stone
frame carry
log press
keg tosses
sledgehammer work
tire flips
duck walk
axel lifts (dl, clean, clean & press)

If you don’t have any equipment to do this stuff, just find something unweildy and/or heavy and lift/carry/throw it. I train strongman and there’s really no limit on what you can do or use.

I have logs (real logs), big river rocks, 4 cylinder engine blocks, an old central air unit, tires, sleds, etc. None of it’s fancy, but it works.