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Strongman Event Training


Next year I am planning on competing in strongman. However I wanted to get some insight into what equipment I should have to train with.

These I am assuming are the basics
Farmers walk- I already have a pair from elite fitness
Atlas stones- planning on getting stone molds
Yoke- was thinking about the super yoke from new york barbells
Tire- I have no way to store that

Again what type of equipment I should get, and how I should train those events.


Add a log -- and maybe an axle/thick bar -- to your list and you've got the basics covered pretty well. If you want to go beyond that, you should get specific and train the exact event for whatever contest you plan on doing.


Rope and harness's for truck pulls.
Drag sled.
Try doing a search for the pit bull yoke. It is about 70 dollars cheaper then the one from NYBB.
Find a tire shop and see if they will give you a big tire for flips.

As for training a buddy of mine came up with what I think is a good way to train for strongman.
Day One: Total body workout: heavy. To include squats, bench, back , arms , and shoulders. usually one exercise for each body part.
Day two: HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) followed by a sustained cardio burn.
Day three: Strongman event training, he would pick three events and train those events.
Day four: rest
Day five: total body workout: heavy again, but start with heavy deads.
Day six: HIIT again with cardio
Day seven: Strongman events again
He would then take two days off and repeat the cycle. He did real well with this and I have not yet been able to try it for myself.


Thanks for letting me know about the pitbull equipment. I'm not just going to buy the yoke, I'm going to buy the log as well those are some great prices, and sounds like he makes quality equipment.


Good Deal!


Alan (Pitbull) makes great stuff at a great price. I have a log and farmers from him and I've used a yoke of his. All of it was high quality.


I was checking out the pitbull equipment on his myspace page, how exactly do you go about ordering the equipment.


Email him.



Thanks man.


WOW Those pitbull prices are awesome!


I came up with a training routine which I am looking to start in 2010. Right now I am trying to get my base strength up then I am going to switch over to my routine.

Here it is- this is not setup for competition prep.

Mon- dynamic effort overhead
- Speed overhead with log, axle, or bar 8 sets 3 reps 60 seconds rest. Use 50% for week 1, 55% for week 2, and 60% for week 3, then repeat again for weeks 4,5, and 6, test max on week 6 then readjust percentages.
- incline bench press with bar or dumbells, 3 sets anywhere from 3-8 reps
- shoulder raises from all angles
- overhead tricep extension- 8 sets of 8
- bicep training- using various rep ranges and exercises total of about 12 sets
Tue- max effort lower body
- work up to a 1 or 3 rep max for rack pulls, deficit deadlift, 15" box squat, and 12" box squat.
- front squats either free or to a low box- 3 sets 3-8 reps
- arch back goodmornings- 3 sets 5 reps
- Shrugs- 3 sets either heavy 5-7 reps or light 15-20 reps also no straps are used
- heavy side bends using farmers walk handles- 3 sets 8-12 reps
Wed- grip training
- thick bar holds for time 3 sets
- thick bar reverse curls with a thumbless grip 3 sets 6-10 reps
- pinch training
- grippers
Thu- max effort overhead
- work up to a 1 or 3 rep max for log press, axle press, or one arm dumbell press
- strict overhead press with bar or dumbells- 3 sets 3-7 reps
- shoulder raises
- heavy incline close grip bench- 3 sets 3-8 reps
Fri- dynamic effort lower body
- speed atlas stone- 10 sets 2 reps using light stone with 1 min rest, use various box heights
- high pulls- 3 sets of singles from a deficit
- bar rows- 3 sets 5-7 reps
- chest supported rows- 3 sets 5-7 reps
- cable rows- 3 sets max reps
- lat pulldown- 3 sets 8-12 reps
Sat- events
- farmers walk- 3 runs- alternate every week between heavy and speed training
- yoke walk- 3 runs- same as farmers except when farmers are for speed do heavy yoke training and vice versa
- stone carry for endurance- 3 sets
- high rep abs

what do you guys think, also any kind of cardio ideas would be appreciated


The essentials are going to be log, stones, yoke, farmers. You'll probably see those as 3 of your 5 events at any given contest. Don't worry about the fancy shit, just get brute strong and improve your technique on those 4 events and you'll do just fine.


And you can't beat the quality or service. Alan does some great work and really has a passion for what he does.


Yeah, i would advise taking out the dynamic effort stuff. Louie adapted that for PL from OL; PL has 3 competitive lifts, OL has 2 (or 3, depending on what time frame you're looking at.) The low number of competitive lifts meant lifters were already technically proficient by the time they came to the conjugate method. You are not technically proficient in strongman (and given the large number of competitive lifts, may never be) so you just need to LEARN the moves. Dont do DE

your training frequency also looks a bit high, but if you can adapt to that, eh, more power to you


Thanks for the input guys. I am definately going to get rid of the dynamice effort log press. What about max effort training should I be doing that as well?


your training frequency also looks a bit high, but if you can adapt to that, eh, more power to you[/quote]

I respond very well to high volume training. My training currently has even more volume but without the strongman training. I am seeing ridiculous strength and solid weight gains for the past 9 months ever since I switched to a higher volume training schedule.


What would be a good bodyweight for strongman. I am 6'5" 294, not sure about body fat but my upper abs are visible, so I guess 14% or so. Anyway I really want to earn my pro status so I would assume I would have to weigh at least 315 as well as being super strong. I want to get up to 345-360 while being under 18% body fat. I guess I have a pretty big bone structure, I have 9" wrists, and my knees measure at 18.5", and I still have a lot of filling in to be honest.


A good weight is wherever you are strongest and most competitive. You'll have to spend some time competing and learning your body to find the answer to this.


With the yoke and farmers is it a good idea to alternate between heavy training, and timed training for speed if I'm not training for a contest?


I wouldn't worry too much about timing. It's OK to do every now and then just to see where you stand, but the emphasis should be on getting stronger. Add more weight. Do more reps or sets. Walk further. There's already enough stuff to focus on. No need to be worrying about time every training session.