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Strongman Equipment

If you all could pick 2 pieces of strongman specific training, what would they be? I was thinking about a training log and farmer’s bars. Also I am going to try to build my own atlas stone. Wasn’t there a thread on how to construct one using plaster of paris on here? If not could someone PM a link or instructions? Guys thanks for the help.

sorry that I am not adding to your original post, but I figure the topic is the same, so I am going to go ahead and place my question here:
Does anybody have any good resources for keg training? What to you do with them besides lift and drag? Any programs? Also, where does one purchase a keg? I know how to rent a full one, but I’d like to save money, and besides, I am not a beer man.

Its cool man any info on any strongman equipment and its uses is fine with me…as for the keg you can go get them from any beer or liquor store for the most part just pay for the shell

Definitely the adjustable weight sandbag and Conan’s Wheel.

Check out sandbags. Josh Henkin knows more about sandbags than anyone you’ll ever meet.


The sandbag advice is good, but I’m assuming you mean equipment you can’t just pick up for a couple of bucks.

I’d go log and sled. There’s nothing quite the same as pressing with that offset center of gravity, and sleds are so versitile everyone should have one (homemade or otherwise).

I second going to a beer distributor and just asking for an empty. If you live near a college, they usually have a ton and would be willing to part with one for at most what they get comped for when they send them back ($20 for the place near me).

As for how to train with them… well, just like anything else, the program will depend on your goals. Google Dieselcrew for some good ideas (Jedd and Smitty are two of the most creative guys around), or maybe train with it as though you were going to compete with a keg in a specific event (press for weight/reps, carry for distance, load to platform, etc). A 5-keg load for time is one of the most brutal things you can do to your body. They’re fun :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,


Yea I already have a homemade sandbag so I’m set there. I’m planning on investing in a steel log for pressing for sure. Ha I cant afford a conans wheel but i could probably build one sometime in the near future. Thanks for the information guys.

check out Zach Even-Esh for training with sandbags, kegs or any other backyard training ideas. Google search his name. IMO he’s the king of that stuff.

Took me a good while to find some kegs, but finally got some at the bar near where I live. Went to all the distributors first and was rejected, but the bar owner sold them to me $10 per!! :slight_smile:
So check your local filling station!!

Tires you can get for free. We got one at a place that recieves used ones and retreads them and if they cant they have to get rid of them so they where happy to give us one.

For free or cheap:


For high-quality strongman gear:

Stones (buy the molds and make your own)
Farmer’s Walk implements
Sled (can be made cheaply or purchased)

There are several good makers of strongman equipment including Elitefts.com (sled, farmer’s walk bars and logs), Brutestrength (farmer’s walk bars, logs and stones), jackalsgym and several others.

In my opinion, I would suggest a quality 10 inch diameter, steel log and an atlas stone mold. The log press and the atlas stone medley are two events that are often utilized in amatuer strongman competitions. I also believe that they are two events that must receive specific focus during a training regimen in order to do well in the competition.

I believe that the Farmer’s Walk is also an event that must receive specific attention but you could make your own set of implements if you wanted to. About a month and a half ago someone posted instructions on how to make a homemade set using concrete and a steel pipe.

My favorite strongman implement is the tire and it is also the easiest to aquire. What has always worked for me is to call a local tire yard (someone that specializes in heavy equipment or tractor tires, like goodyear) and ask them for a used tire. Typically, when one of these tires go bad the tire company has to come out and replace it with a new one and then they are stuck with destroying it. The most that I have ever paid for a tire was 20 dollars. The only thing that is required is a sturdy pickup truck to haul it home. Hope this helps.