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Strongman Equipment You Can Bring to a Regular Gym

Hey all, I’m looking for ideas for tools, equipment, accessories, etc, that could be useful for doing strongman lifts in a regular gym. The items could either be purchased (like chain) or built (since I like building things and want to make my own equipment). Obviously something like a prowler or tire isn’t practical to bring into a facility so it has to meet the criteria of being reasonably transportable.

What I think would make a big difference:
2" dia or bigger steel pipe - a chain can be fitted through it to weights to make a great grip workout
Collars with hooks - again, chains can be hooked to the collar to emulate things like overhead pressing a keg or odd shaped implement
Loadable dumbbell (handmade or purchased) - fit it with 25lb plates and you have yourself a basic circus dumbbell for pressing.

Loading pin can be useful to build a stone trainer.

You can perform the car deadlift simulator just using regular barbells. If you’re so inclined, you can build/transport handles using 1.5" plumbing pipe, a reducer, and I think 3/4" pipe (you can see the movement and handles in action in this video)

I always liked this idea for a farmer’s walk handle

I’ll see if I can come up with more.

Fat Gripz are easy to tote around

I’ve used fat grips before, and honestly they aren’t great. They also don’t fit many dumbbells

Just thought as well; you could easily build your own “magic carpet sled” like Spud makes. Throw in into a gym bag and do sled drags.

I dunno man, if you’re going to the lengths of bringing circus dumbells, bars and chains to the gym… isn’t easier just to buy some plates for home?

Lots of crossfit places are now bringing in strongman gear. Last place I saw had an axle, tyres, circus dumbbell and one of their racks converted to a yoke. So better gyms also seem a better option.

At the commercial gym we used to train at Mike Jenkins’ brought in an axle, 2" loadable dumbbell handle and a log that we kept in a cleaning closet in the back.