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Strongman Eccentric Less Circuit Training for Size and Volume


CT- want to thank you first for the train like an athlete,look like a bodybuilder info....huge progress so far and looking to boost my training more. I love strongman lifts and wondered since many are eccentric less if I could use them to increase volume and thus increase size without compromising my nervous system. I train 1-2 X per day and have been using the High performance Mass protocols. How would I best implement these moves to begin preparing for Spring and Summer comps. without overtaxing recovery. Also using Anaconda protocols and pulse fasting 2x per week to stay lean and gain big. Thanks for all your help.


Aren't Strongman lifts pretty hard on the nervous system? What exercises do you have in mind?


Thinking atlas stones, tire flips, keg or kettlebell throws, various implement carries and sled pulling with rope. If the weights are kept in the right ranges it seems like these would boost volume and not trash the nervous system. Thinking 10-20 minutes of low rep, explosive circuits used as mini or extra workouts....or just one move used as a finisher to bring up work capacity?


I don't think you can do alot of strongman training without compromising recovery somewhat. You could probably do one or two events light and it wouldn't be an issue. To get strong for a competition though you need to preform the events in a heavy fashion.