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Strongman Deadlifts vs Powerlifting Deadlifts


Ok I see. That’s an interesting way to look at it from. I’ve been looking at strongmen and thinking about how they perform under Powerlifting conditions but it can be looked at the other way around too if powerlifters were to be hooked up with straps hitching etc. and see how that compares.


Conveniently enough, this happens every year at the World Deadlift Championships, where top powerlifters are invited to compete against strongman.

It doesn’t go very well for powerlifters. I think Benni was the last powerlifter to win/tie.

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Wait i always thought Benni was a strongman who has powerlifted a bit?


Even better then, haha.


Dam u always 3.5 steps ahead


Also worth noting that even if we observe Thor dropping a 946 dead, should we take into consideration his posting a 900lb dead and taking a top 10 total in a sport with only 3 lifts while Thor has to be good at at least a half dozen deadlift VARIATIONS alone? To say nothing of the other demands of the sport?

This would be like if Connor KO’d Floyd in the octagon and people go “big deal: let’s see him in the boxing ring” and Connor ends up going 12 rounds and losing by a split decision.

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Just need to get in here and say that 650 double overhand no hook definitely makes you some kind of freak. I can see why you don’t understand those that need straps.


The message I’m getting is that if you want a strong deadlift you should do a variety of deadlifts and some work with your feet out.

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Some time on the stones probably wouldn’t hurt either.

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Ha! I didn’t want to mention anything that had anything to do with highly controversial Rounded Back lifting.


Plus in powerlifting non-isometric back work is always treated as assistance bs you have to do after the big 3 instead of a mainstay (cleans, rope pulls, loading etc.)

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weirdly enough stones actually make my back feel good


You get to pick them up Fast and you don’t have to lower them back down. I wish all lifts were like that.


I know this topic kind of died off, but just had a thought and maybe some of the equipped folks have some insight. I’ve heard that you get more carryover out of a suit doing sumo as opposed to conventional (don’t know that to be true, but I’ve heard that… you know how the internet is). I wonder if some of the wider leg stance is to try to get additional poundage from a suit while still staying within the rules of strongman.


There are specifically designed suits for sumo (or you can just use a squat suit) and your suit should be tailored to your conventional stance. You don’t see the guys in equippped powerlifting using the same stance, so I don’t imagine it plays much role.

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Once again… fair point buddy. It was just a thought this morning as I was thinking about buying my first deadlift suit.


Check out the classifieds on powerliftingwatch. I got a metal jack deadlifter for $100 there.

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I’ll check it out for sure.



Anyone think you can get much out of a suit while doing a max axle deadlift from about a 16" pick height? ASKING FOR A FRIEND

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Might make it worse if anything. A suit helps at the bottom and that’s it. 16 inches is pretty fucking high, he should test it himself first and see if he’s getting any bounce. @T3hPwnisher has actually used a suit so maybe his input is better.