Strongman Cycle

decided to run test, tren ace (for the first time), and albuterol (also first time), for strongman purposes. a little bit of dbol sprinkled in as well.

just sayin.

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The tren man… It’s strength increases are above anything else I’ve experienced. I sweat gallons while on though. Let us know what you think! And tell me how you set up the albuterol scheduling and for what purposes. I ran clen with tren e in the past and loved the clen opening up my airways as the tren tried to make me short of breath. They really compliment one another. I hope you see that with the albuterol as well. Good luck building for strongman!!

Do you get insomnia from albuterol? Just re read, it said 1st time.

Why the albuterol? You’re as lean as a strongman needs to be.

the albuterol is to counteract the tren conditioning issues that beachbum mentioned. I chose it over clen because of the very short active life (5ish hours versus 36). I just intend to take it prior to training and competing. I started the tren almost 2 weeks ago, and a couple training sessions left me way too winded, recovery between lifts took too long. I’m hoping the albuterol is sufficient to negate that affect. Honestly, it seems like albuterol should be useful just in general for training. Particularly if I’m not using it all the time, just sparingly. I plan to dose it very low (like 2.5mg/dose), and just once a day when I use it. If I feel the need to increase dose, I’m open to it.

I took my first dose of the albuterol last night around 6pm just to see if it affected sleep. It did a little, but not too bad.

Final note: I’m definitely lean enough already, but since I’m competing in a lower weight class in 3 weeks, if I happen to shed 1 or 2 lbs of fat, it won’t be a bad thing. I’m already looking at a substantial water cut.


I assume you are using dbol pre training as well?

Also good luck fucker haha #ROUGHNECKSUNITE