Strongman Cycle Part 2

Hey guys! I shared my cycle ideas leading into Nationals for strongman, which went down 4 weeks ago. Overall, I have to say things went well. I took 7th in my weight class, which I was very happy with, and it led to an invite to World’s! Pretty cool stuff. So now I’m training for that.

So for those of you who didn’t read my previous thread, my cycle centered around test, eq and dbol. I had initially planned to add tren into the mix, but I ran it for 2 weeks and just couldn’t tolerate the cough, so I dropped it after just a few pins. I ran halo and superdrol at the end of the cycle. I maintained a bodyweight just under 200 until my water weight cut, and successfully cut to 181 for weigh-in.

So now I have 8 weeks to prepare for World’s. I took 2 weeks off from everything after Nationals, then jumped back on the test and eq. I had planned to take significantly more time off, because I didn’t expect to have another big comp so soon, but here we are.

I’m running 1g test and 600 eq. I added dbol back in this week, at 50mg/day. My bodyweight is right at 200 in the am. This time around, I don’t have halo or superdrol, but I did pick up plenty of anadrol to go with the dbol.

So here’s the question. I’ve got 8 weeks to prepare to compete among the top 20 lightweights in the world. If you were in this position, and the drugs you had available to run (at any amount) were test, eq, dbol, and anadrol, how would you structure the next 8 weeks to maximize performance? I believe I can manage my bodyweight strictly through diet, so advice probably doesn’t need to take that into consideration.

Also, this is a very heavy show. Not exactly cardio-oriented. It’s a wagon wheel axle deadlift for max reps at 600 lbs, a farmers carry with 315 per hand, max log, sandbag throws over a 14’ bar, and power stairs with 300, 350 and 400 lbs. 4 stairs each weight.

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Bump, I guess?

5g test
2g tren
100mg day dbol
100mg day drol
and I dunno maybe some milk thistle or something.

Boom! You’re a strong man, strongman.

Do you have a weight limit you have to come in under?

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ah yea, that’s the other cycle i was considering. forgot the milk thistle though!!!

I do have a weight limit, which is 181. Actually 181.5 (which mattered at my nationals weigh in). I woke up at 201 this morning. I cut from 198 to 181 for nationals, so if I can be close to that, I’ll be fine. It’s gonna suck, but I can do it. 200 would still be alright. I was also on dbol then, at 100mg the last couple weeks.

well wouldn’t you be better running some tren instead of EQ? Less water, more strength, as is my understanding having never actually used trenbolona…

yea, tren would be nice if every injection didn’t make me feel like I might actually die. The cough was just too much, I can’t do it.

I tend to rely more on orals to really push strength coming into a contest rather than injectables. I feel like this 1g test with 600 eq will be a staple injectable cycle for me for a long time. Feels great.


Hey brother! I like the cycle as is. Congrats on all your success man!!!

thanks man! what about the anadrol dose? I was thinking 50mg/day, is that pretty standard, or is 100 common? I figured I’d add that in for the last 6 weeks.

You can use 100. I’ve always preferred higher dosages of dbol over anadrol personally.

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How much AI are you using?

And thanks for this, i love this stuff!!!

@flipcollar I’m not qualified to give advice but id like to say congratulations, competing with the best in the world is a beyond awesome achievement and opportunity to have, I hope you win.

I’m not. I haven’t run an AI at all in the last year. physio has won me over in that regard. I’m going much more by how I feel than trying to achieve that perfect e2=21 number. I believe ratio is more important than absolute number. When I was running adex, I had way too much trouble hitting that number, and I crashed it a few times. Adex dosing is so difficult when you’re adding in and taking out orals regularly.

If I was running a bigger cycle, I’d run nolva at 20/day, but with this one, I haven’t really felt a need to even do that.

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I appreciate that! I think I have a real shot at winning the log press, assuming I get a little stronger between now and competition (I should). The other events are far more unknown to me. And the farmers carry may just take me out of having a shot at an overall win completely. We’ll see. If I could just finish middle of the pack on that event, it would be a win in my book, but I’m not certain I can even do that…

Yeah I feel great on test/EQ too, although I’m not running anywhere near as much test as that.

Good luck with the comp! Knock 'em dead, slugger.

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