Strongman Cycle... 2 1/2 Months Left

Hey guys! Wanted to share what I’m currently running, and how I plan to finish the cycle. Also completely open to critique/suggestions.

I ran test at 750/week and EQ at 600/week for the first 6 weeks. Also dbol at 50mg/day.

I’m now almost 11 weeks from competing, and trying to decide how I want to finish.

I originally planned to run tren ace for the last 8 weeks at 150 EOD. Also adding dbol back in (I’m off it now), probably at 50mg/day until the last week, and I"ll bump it to 100/day at that point. Or maybe even 2 weeks out. I also have halo and superdrol available, will probably stack the halo as well for the last 2-3 weeks at a relatively low dose, just for the added aggression, and some last minute strength gains. I’ve found it to be very effective very quickly.

What do you guys think? Would you adjust timing or dose of anything I’ve laid out here?

And please don’t get into things like PCT or AI or whatever. This is a discussion about drug dosing and choice that should be effective for my goals. nothing else.

I will add that I have albuterol as well, and may use that to help mitigate some of the negative cardio effects of the drugs. But no event in my competition will last over 1 minute, so that’s a minor concern.

events are a truck deadlift for reps, circus dumbbell for reps, arm over arm truck pull, a tire flip/ sled drag medley, and an atlas stone series. If that makes a difference. lol.


@flipcollar Hey bro! Good to hear from you. Are you keeping the test and eq at the same dosages working up to the event? I think adding in the tren at 100ish eod is spot on. Adding the dbol back in is smart as well. Halo is awesome pre event as well.

I think what you have laid out is perfect. How did you like the eq?

Have you had any experience running Anadrol? I’ve heard about guys who run 50/50 drol and dbol for short periods and get significant strength from it. Any thoughts?

loving the EQ man! It really started to kick in about 2-3 weeks ago. It’s helping with appetite, which is good for me, everything is feeling great. Each time I’ve taken EQ it’s made me look really vascular, pretty much overnight once it kicks in. especially through the quads, it makes me look crazy lean.

So, my initial plan was to keep the EQ the same throughout, and up the Test to a gram for the last 8 weeks. But now I’m thinking with adding the tren, I really don’t need to do that. Kind of overkill, and I may not enjoy the sides of getting my test that high. sex drive has been annoyingly high, and I know tren will only make that worse.

@iron_yuppie i’ve never run anadrol. That’s probably something i’ll try in the fall, but with having the dbol and halo on hand, and not having run anadrol before, I’ll probably just stick with that. I have run winstrol and anavar before, and really liked winstrol. That’s really the only oral i haven’t included in this that i’d strongly consider stacking on top of everything else.

Oh, and fwiw, my bodyweight is about 198 in the morning right now, it’s been as high as 202 this cycle. I have to weigh in at 181, so I really don’t want to push my weight much higher. I don’t really have any fat I can cut, so it’s going to be all water for weigh-in.

Awesome man. You’re doing great! And yea I totally understand the sex drive shit. When I go over 400 mg t on its own my wife is warned haha. Over 600 and it’s impossible to handle.

Ever get your blood markers sorted out? If so how? I saw you’re adding Dbol back in.

Asking for partly selfish reasons as I’m trying to fix my markers, thought I could learn.

How do you keep your weight so low on cycle? I thought you weren’t that strict about diet. 750 test, 600 equipoise and 350 dbol/ week. And you don’t gain weight. I’m confused.

yea bloodwork is better. I cut out alcohol and ive been eating marginally better. that seems to be doing the trick right now. fingers crossed, i know i’m taking a bit of a risk right now.

genetics. That’s all it is. I have gained close to 10 lbs on this cycle, and I’m probably slightly leaner than when I started it. going off the dbol for now, I’ll lose a few of those lbs.

But also, I’ve heard a lot of people say they don’t really gain weight on EQ. that’s one of those compounds where a lot of people have different things to say about it. Something I’ve frequently heard is the combination of an increased appetite, eating more, and yet still not really gaining weight. Perhaps that means it’s good for recomp? IDK.


Ironically I’m that way. I gain more off of 600 mg t than I do off 400 mg t and 600 mg eq