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Strongman Contest Results

I got 2nd in my weight class at 175 to a guy that has won this show 2 years in a row now so i’m not to dissatisfied with that considering i decided to do this contest at the last minute and didnt really train for it much.

log press

  • hit 200 which matched a PR for me

18" DL

  • hit 650 and missed 700, we started at 450 and went up in 50lb increments so 700 was my 6th pull i think i coulda got it if i coulda skipped some weights

power stairs
-3 implements, 250, 300, 350 22 seconds

farmers walks

  • 52 seconds with 225 haha, not a good time but i was the only one in my weight class to finish

-got 3 stones in like 22 seconds, not good here either, 205, 225, 250, missed 270

This was at Kansas Strongest Man which is a platnum show and one of the biggest shows of the year.

Other progress to note i’m up to 183 pounds now. Up almost 30lbs since last september when i posted my “Skinny Skinny Skinny” thread when alot of people didnt’ believe my numbers at my size untill i posted pics and video.

Recent PR’s
parallel box squat- 455 in just briefs
rack pull just below knees- 585
full olympic squat- 365x1
front squat- 275x1
conventional DL- 505 (haven’t been training this much, i think i could do more now)
haven’t done sumo at all since the meet

bench press- 285x1, 255x3, 225x7, 185x12
incline- 205, two sets of 3
behind the neck push jerk- 225x1, 215x2
log press- 200
3 board press- 300
floor press- 275

Bodyweight is 183 and climbing at around the same bodyfat.

All of these PR’s will fall fairly soon.

I know some of you guys like to see progress so i posted this (and cause i’m bored at work, haha). Also any non-believers once again i’ll post pics and video if i have to.

Binford - Congratulations man. Great meet. I don’t need pictures for proof, but I’d love to see any pictures you’d like to post.

One i’ve my buddies has some pics of the log but i think thats all we got. We were all competing so kinda hard to get pics.

Congratulations on your contest. Also, excellent results!


Nice work you strong bastard.


[quote]Matgic wrote:
Nice work you strong bastard.


Haha thanks man i’m not that strong i’ve got a long way to go. I’ve only really been doing this stuff since october.

Congrats on the 2nd place finish.

So when’s your next contest? :slight_smile:


I have one on June 24 but there is no 175 class just 200 and under. But hopefully i’ll be almost that big and stronger by then cause i will be seeing some stiff competition.

Nice work Binford!

Keep up the hard work.

Good job.

Hey I am guessing you are Derek, I’ve seen your name on the KCStrongman site and remember hearing your name at the meet. I’m Warren, I competed in the LW Novice.

Good job at the show. That was a hell of a show and some good competetion in all divisions. Second is nothing to be ashamed of. I got about 25 pounds on you and you smoked me in all the events. Hell, I placed last among the novices, and I am pleased to have just participated.

Are you going to JWC games in early June? I plan on going, but I’ll just be spectating.

Good job man! I’ll be sure to let you know when I promote another contest out here in Phoenix, AZ. Planning on having an under 200 class.

[quote]binford wrote:
Matgic wrote:
Nice work you strong bastard.


Haha thanks man i’m not that strong i’ve got a long way to go. I’ve only really been doing this stuff since october.[/quote]

Thanks that makes me feel better. Ass. Haha.

But seriously, your not the strongest man in the world, but your quite strong, so give yourself credit.


Its hard to give yourself credit when you train with guys that have 60 and 120lbs on you cause compared to them i’m weaker than shit. Definately a good motivator to get stronger and gain weight though.